April 26, 2011

Nicole by OPI - Justin Bieber One Less Lonely Girl Collection - Canadian Star, Coral Denominator and Top of My World swatches!

Whether or not you like the idea of wearing Justin Bieber on your fingers, you can't argue that the boy has good taste in colours, the whole line is gorgeous!  Here are three that I love from the Justin Bieber One Less Lonely Girl collection:
Canadian Star - I love this one so much, I have never seen anything similar too it and this picture does not do justice to how sparkly it is!
Canadian Star with Top of My World on top - this isn't the best colour to showcase it over, Top of My World is basically clear with a lot of blue/purple sparkle to it - if you look close you can see the extra sparkle it adds.
Coral Denominator - another super sparkly colour - this would be a gorgeous summer pedicure colour too!
Coral Denominator with Top of My World on top - you can see some purple sparkles but again, I think Top of My World would best be showcased over a non-sparkle polish - I had just run out of fingers here!

My husband insists that it would be super dirty cougar of me to discuss doing anything with Justin Bieber other than wearing him on my fingernails - he's such a killjoy!

- Lisamarie -


  1. The purple colour is gorgeous! The only issue with this collection is when someone asks you, "omg I love your nail colour, what colour is that?" and you have to reply, " eeerrmm...ummm...Justin Beiber" hehe.


  2. you could always say - Justine Beiber and he painted it on my nails personally and waggle your eyebrows a bit when you say it - depending on your age it comes off either creepy or impressive! ;-)

    Best, Lisamarie

  3. Canadian Star looks like Orly Lunar Eclipse in the bottle to me. I kinda looks more purple on your nails. Do you have Lunar Eclipse? What say you? :D

  4. Don't have Lunar Eclipse so I will have to leave that to your expertise - it is very purple on the nails if that helps at all!

    Best, Lisamarie

  5. These colors are gorgeous! I need to get back to try to pamper myself more, I will surely need your help for that. My baby is becoming a toddler and I need to feel beautiful again. I need to stop dressing like a slacking mommy and get back to being sexy. Lol! Look at me ranting... Let's get back to the nail polish! I love the color.... Perfect color to brighten up our days during this rainy days!

  6. Canadian Star is absolutely gorgeous! The sparkle in it is definitely phenomenal, and it is such a unique colour!

  7. LOL your reply to Jessica is so darn funny XD

    && ou lala they're both so sparkly =D
    me likey~


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