April 2, 2011

Hand Creams that mean business from Nail Tek, Lise Watier, True Blue Spa and Kiss My Face!

With winter finally on its way out you'd think that my hands would be all soft, smooth and happy - no dice - they actually look like I forgot to wear gloves all winter and abused the crap out of them (I kinda did) and now they want me to make it up to them with fancy hand creams!  These ones are so good that's they'll never even know that they aren't expensive (except that they are typing this...I hope they can't read!):

Nail Tek Advanced Hydrating Creme - 85g - $12 - stores moisture in the deep layers of the skin and is reactivated by contact with water. Hours later, simply rinse your hands to re-moisturize your skin.

There was a drugstore hand cream that did this same "re-moisturize when you washed your hands" thing and I was so sad when it was discontinued - so I am super stoked to find a new one!  Only thing I'm not crazy about is the smell, it's a little perfumey for my taste but it seems to wear off quickly so I can deal!
Available at salons - and now even easier to find since The Shopping Channel is carrying the line! www.theshoppingchannel.com

Lise Watier Hydra S.O.S. Anti-Dryness Hand and Nail Care - 75ml - $15 - nourishes and softens skin, strengthens nails with a non-greasy finish.  Enriched with apricot see oil, glycerin and green tea. Skin is hydrated, soft and protected from environmental aggressions while nails are strengthened and healthy.  Rich, yet never greasy, it leaves a super-soft finish and a delicate scent.

Love the feel, love the smell, just all-around love this cream! If you like the sounds of this cream, rush to get it, this is a winter only product that stores will be getting rid of soon! I am annoyed that I discovered it so late in the season, hopefully it will be back again next year!

True Blue Spa Look Ma, New Hands - 148ml - $20 - softening hand lotion with paraffin which locks in essential moisture  to keep skin soft, smooth and super protected.  Also contains olive, avocado and apricot oils to moisturize hands and Vitamin E to help protect against damaging free radicals.

This one is super thick and maybe because of the paraffin, I don't find it soaks right in which makes it a bad choice for day (hate slime trails) but a great one for overnight with cotton gloves!  Also works great on the feet!

Kiss My Face Hand Alert - 88ml - $9 - Rosemary + Mint - renews and protects - 2% AHA helps renew and revive the skin my gently exfoliating damaged cells while natural emollients keep everything hydrated.

While I like how this one feels, I'm not crazy about the mint scent so being the rebel and rule breaker that I am, have been using it on my feet instead - mint belongs on my feet but if you like minty hands, give this one a whirl.  The AHA's have been great on my feet to get rid on the dead skin!

- Lisamarie -

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