May 27, 2011

Illusions d'Ombres de Chanel - Fall 2011 Makeup Collection

I know, I know - it's not even summer and I'm showing you a fall collection - I'm just so weak when it comes to Chanel and I want you to have all summer to save up just like I'm going to because it's all just so darned pretty! The collection was inspired by precious metals and jewels - which after makeup are my next favourite things so this collection is a real winner in my books!
Les 4 Ombres - $62 - Prélude - grey brown, grey beige, luminous beige and deep taupe brown
Les Crayon Yeux - $27 - Khaki Platine - Limited Edition - with metallic glimmers

Illusion d'Ombre - $37 - with an ultra light and silky cream texture with a powdery appearance. In six shades: Ebloui - brown smouldering with red, Emerveillé - tender peach, Epatant - grey-shadowed khaki, Fantasme - iridescent white, Illusoire - grey-tinged taupe, Mirifique - every nuance of black
Levres Scintillantes - $31 - Braise - pink bronze or Pampille - peach with silver reflections
Rouge Coco - $39 - Plumetis - innocent peach or Etole - luminous coppery rosewood
 Le Crayon Levres - $27 - Coralline or Rose Cuivre
Joues Contraste - $48 - Rose Ecrin - for a tender healthy glow effect
Le Vernis - $27 - metallic and shimmering in: Graphite - Limited Edition - silver, gold and platinum fused together; Peridot - gold and green intertwined; and Quartz - pinky bronze

Available August 22nd at all Chanel beauty counters. I'm going to start stalking my Bay counter around the 5th - if I bug her enough she will usually give it up to me early! I especially have my eye on the Peridot polish, Braise gloss and Rose Ecrin blush - what, if anything are you longing for from this collection?

- Lisamarie -


  1. I need far too much from this collection!!!

  2. This collection is soooo pretty!!! I'm loving the blush and lipstick~

  3. Wow, this is the first Chanel collection I have been excited over in a while. I will definitely get the quad. I also like the look of the blush and nail polish. And glimmers and lipstick and ... thanks for letting us know. I just set a reminder in my calendar!

  4. Holy crap. Was anyone else scrolling down saying "need. Need. Need. NEED." ?

  5. Super lovely blog!


  6. Holy geez I will be broke!! Those polishes!

  7. I'm liking so far the look of the quad, eye pencil, and the lip glosses. Great pics by the way.

  8. $27 for a nail polish is *way* outside my budget right now, but oh, that Peridot! Must. Have. Rightnow. Dear gods, let there be a dupe for it somewhere...guess I'll have to wait and see once it's released and people start putting up swatches, but it looks stunning in the bottle!

  9. Peridot looks GORGEOUS! I've never bought anything Chanel before but I might be tempted to go drool over that polish when it comes out.

    From the bottle though Graphite looks a very easily duped polish imo... I bet it looks amazing in swatches though.

  10. these are available online on the US website now... are you sure we're not getting them till august?! I want! :)

  11. I was looking for info on these! August 22? Really? Too long.

    So excited to see that the sparkly pots of heaven are only $37 (where it is $36 in the US). I need Fantasme and Epatant.


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