October 19, 2011

This week I'm obsessed with... G.M. Collin Citrus Fresh Shower Gel!

G.M. Collin Citrus Fresh Shower Gel - 360ml - $28 - you are probably already aware of how much I love all things citrus, so that in itself would have  probably been enough to draw me to this shower gel as it does have a wonderful citrus scent - but it also does something else that I find many shower gels lacking in - it suds like crazy! Things that foam make me happy and I often find that products that contain a lot of natural extracts, do a less then stellar job of making bubbles. No worries here though, it's like a foam party in my shower!

And if you also like to see natural ingredients in your products then you will appreciate that it contains willow bark extract, green tea leaf extract, pansy flower extract, corn flower extract, mallow extract, aloe vera leaf extract, lemon peel oil, rosmarinus officinalis oil, citronella oil and cornmint leaf oil.

Now that I have soft, smooth and great smelling skin, I can get on with my day!

Available online at quite a few places including Amazon - if you're in Canada you will find it at www.spaboutique.ca.

- Lisamarie -


  1. You know you had me at citrus...then you added the bubbles for the win :)

  2. Haven't seen this here. Would prolly love it. Fave citrus shower gel is Fresh Hesperides.


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