October 22, 2011

Get the look! Schwarkzopf Professional hair and Smashbox makeup at the Lucian Matis show!

photo by Arline Malakian
To prepare the hair for blow drying, the Schwarkzopf Professional hairstylists applied a combination of OSiS Soft ‘n Straight ($19.50) and BC Oil Miracle ($39).  BC Oil Miracle helps to add moisture, condition, protection and shine to the hair.  OSiS Soft ‘n Straight is a non-chemical straightening balm to help protect hair, prevent frizz and smooth hair down. Also used in the preparation stage was OSiS Flatliner ($21) to protect hair from Flatiron heat used to create the sleek ponytail. 
Once they put  the ponytails in, to keep the look sleek, the stylists used OSiS Aquaslide ($20), which is quite light because it is water-based.  It is a medium hold strength product and the water makes it a lighter product to work with and shampoo out. Next the stylist used OSiS Elastic flexible hairspray ($19) to hold the style and give control over the surface of the hair after the ponytail was put in.  Finally, for added shine – because of course this was Lucian Matis’s show, they used OSiS Sparkler shine spray ($19) to finish it off.

You should keep in mind that a pony like that makes a hell of an instant face lift too - not that 18 year old models need it but the rest of us...

photo by Arline Malakian
Amazing hair requires a fabulous makeup look by Smashbox which the artists started with Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating Primer to hydrate the complexion, they then used Smashbox's new highlighting illuminating Halo Wand in shades gold and pearl, placing it across forehead, cheeks and chin to bring luminosity to the skin. Studio Skin 15 Hour Wear Foundation SPF 10 was then applied in one shade all over and a lighter shade applied in a grid pattern over top. Halo Yellow Colour Correcting Hydrating Powder was then applied as a corrector and then a corresponding Halo Hydrating Perfecting Powder shade was used on the perimeter and into the hairline. Finally luminous tinted moisturizer was brushed over top of finished, powdered face in shadowed areas to provide a youthful smooth finish and to airbrush away any existing flaws.

Lid Primer was then applied to the lids and Brow Tech-to-Go on the eyebrows to fill them in naturally, while defining the ends. From the Eyeshadow Trio in Telephoto, they applied the lightest shade underneath the brow and blended into crease and lids - they then used the Amethyst shade to brighten for a modern spring look. Shadow liners in Black and brown were layered for a fresh, smoked mirage that is subtle and suitable for a spring smoked look after which liquid liner in black was applied. Several coats of Full Exposure Mascara was then applied on top of fake lashes for extended volume and depth.

Tinted Lip Treatment was applied to moisturize followed by Smashbox Nude Lip Liner and was finished off with an accent of colour on the lips and a coat of Smashbox Refection High Shine Lipgloss.

Finally the cheeks, a pop of colour was added to the cheeks with Smashbox Blush Rush in Flush - try saying that 6 times fast!

Strangely, since it was a fashion show, there were also clothes! My pics are not as good as the professional ones above - I was in the second row close to the start of the runway and for skinny girls, these models sure can move - but I did my best and here are a few of the outfits that caught my eye - even if I'm not sure who could ever possibly wear them - like where would you have to be going to require these outfits? But if nothing else, they're fun to look at!

- Lisamarie -

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