February 7, 2012

At Urban Decay, Valetine's Day is all about being licked!

Urban Decay Marshmallow Shimmering Lickable Body Powder - $24 - this soft white pearl shimmer powder really is good enough to eat! Presented in a purple foil, zebra print box with a saucy tassel, it also contains a deluxe powder puff for easy application!

In my opinion, it would be perfectly appropriate to buy one of these as the boy's Valentine's Day gift - like lingerie, he is the one really benefiting from it so it shouldn't count as your present! He just doesn't need to know that this also makes an excellent shimmer powder even for those times when licking isn't in the cards!

If  your honey is more inclined towards Honey - how about this golden pearl shimmer all prettied up in a bronze foil, leopard print box.

I have a bunch of these UD flavoured powders from back in the day but none of them have these cool patterned boxes - do you think that's a good enough excuse to rebuy?

Available at Sephora, sephora.com and selected Shoppers Drug Marts.

- Lisamarie -


  1. wow how cute are these perfect to valentines day :)


  2. These are on hautelook today! last I checked, they still have marshmallow and cocoa in stock! so if you're going to rebuy, I'd say it's a good time :P
    you're probably on hautelook already, but if not here's my link :)

  3. wow~~~ adorable!!
    watch people licking themselves~ XD

  4. I love this!! The packaging is too cute, definitely rebuy!


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