February 27, 2012

MAC Chen Man

Chen Man, the star of the Chinese fashion photography world, has created a bold, sensual and lyrical MAC collaboration that is inspired by her fascination with love and water.

Beauty Powder - $27.50
Play It Proper - pastel soft pink with sparkles
Mineralize Eye Shadow Duo - $24
Supersweet Duo - half bronze, pink, gold melange/half solid golden pink - frost
Pink Union Duo - half taupe, lavender, brown melange/half solid dark violet - frost
Love Cycle Duo - half light blue, white, dark blue melange/half solid dark royal blue - frost
Mascara - $18
Zoom Fast Black Lash - carbon black
Fluid Line - $18
Blacktrack - solid flat black
Waveline - navy blue with low level gold pearl
Reflects Glitter - $24
Reflects Blue - sparkling blue
Pigment - $24
Naval Blue - deep smoky blue
Brow Set - $18
Brush - $23.50
208 Angled Brow
Lipstick - $17.50
Budding Love - pale lavender - lustre
Force of Love - vivid honeysuckle pink - matte
Lipglass - $17.50
Budding Love - pale lavender
Force of Love - vivid honeysuckle pink
Gloss - $23

Nail Lacquer - $19
Breezy Blue - dark blue
Pinkly Fresh - mid-tone blue pink

Available March 1st at all MAC counters and online at www.maccosmetics.com - with all this pink and blue, I am looking forward to seeing this collection in person!

- Lisamarie -


  1. I want the honey suckle pink lip gloss <3

  2. to this day, I have no idea what the purpose of a beauty powder is. Anyone?

  3. Beauty powder usually has a bit of a pinkness to it and is meant to perk up your skin, even out tone and add a bit of colour to your face! This one has sparkles in it which for most people over the age of 20 is just a bad idea to brush all over you face but the more matte and satin ones can be really pretty! HTH!

    Best, Lisamarie


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