February 2, 2012

Lise Watier Aquarella - Rose Gloss Aquarella, Guimauve Rouge Goumand and Euphorbia Nail Lacquer swatches!

I know that technically it's still winter but you just wouldn't know it from the weather outside so I've felt no guilt whatsoever breaking out my spring shades and pretending spring's already here! The Lise Watier Aquarella Spring 2012 collection is one of my faves for all of the purple in it - I just loves me some purple!
Gloss Aquarella in Rose Aquarella - purple on lips always looks much more pink so don't be scared off!
Rouge Goumand Lipstick in Guimauve - I'm totally in love with this colour, I've been wearing it all week! I love that while it is a colour, it's not so much of one that it takes a lot of effort to apply - which is good for me since half the time I end up putting my lipstick on while on the subway with no mirror!
Nail Lacquer in Euphorbia - this on the other hand is totally purple!
And while I like the colour just fine, what I really love is the lighted brush. Some people have commented to me that they think it's a stupid idea - "how often do you put nail polish on in the dark?" but I think it's actually quite brilliant! I tend to apply nail polish at night while watching tv and while it is a lighted room, it's not super bright and it's amazing how much better and more precise a job I can do having that extra light directed right at my nails!

- Lisamarie -


  1. I love the idea too!
    Great combo!

  2. I love this collection!!!! I need it so bad lol.
    The polish is gorgeous!

  3. Wow! I've never seen a light up nail brush before!
    I also do my nails in the evening watching movies so this appeals to me a lot :)

  4. wow a lighted brush... that sounds amazing! and it sounds like we do out nails at the same time of day lol! The colour of that lipstick is gorgeous! Im not a fan of lipgloss so thats a meh to me but the lipstick :O wowwy :D thanks for the post!



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