February 27, 2012

Mascara Monday - Divaderme MascaraDiva and LashExtender

Divaderme MascaraDiva - $20 - Divaderme LashExtender - $29 - adds hundreds of tiny fibres to your lashes to achieve a similar effect to that of false lashes. It's pretty easy to use - you just apply your mascara and while it's still wet you apply the LashExtender and after that another coat of mascara to seal the fibres - go crazy and apply a second coat of LashExtender and mascara for a super dramatic look! Available at Trade Secrets - www.tradesecrets.ca

Unlike some fibre products - these fibres are dark, not white which I think is a much better idea. But let me tell you - and I'll freely admit the problem could be spastic me, but this product makes a hell of a mess. I could not figure out a way to use it without fibre fall-out all over my cheeks. It's not a huge deal, it brushes away easily enough but I think in the future, I will apply foundation after using the LashExtender for easier clean up! Also, learn from my mistake, my first instinct was to blow up on my face like you do when your hair is in your eyes to get rid of the rogue fibres - this is a bad, bad, bad idea - all it does is blow little fibres into your eyes and you do not want them in your eyes, they ouch!

Once the LashExtender was on and coated with the mascara I found very little fall out - by the end of the day I might have a fallen fibre here and there but overall I am impressed with this fibre product. And while I am sure the makers would like you to buy the mascara and the fibres but if you are skint I don't see any reason not to just buy the LashExtender and use it with your own mascara!
Naked on the right - one coat of LashExtender on the left
Two coats of Lash Extender on each eye - it really does give a feathery kind of effect like falsies do!
The second coat on the left was done later when everything was dry and as you can see it's clumpier than the right which was done all at once - so if you are going to do multiple coats it seems to go smoother if you don't wait too long inbetween!

- Lisamarie -


  1. hmmm...Nice post, thanks for sharing..., just waiting for new post
    Thanks ya, Erni

  2. idont see that on that web !!!

    1. The post is 2 1/2 years old - Trade Secrets probably doesn't carry it anymore, sorry!


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