February 18, 2013

Essie Sleek Stick 2013 Collection

Essie has entered the wonderful world of stick-ons and I have to say, there are some fabulous looking designs, with cool textures and snazzy prints - with all this gushing you'd think these babies would have found a permanent home on my fingers but sadly no.

Their one big downfall is the same problem I have with most nail stickers - they aren't small enough for my mini-sized nails! I decided I liked the designs enough to at least try cutting them down to fit but I made such a mess of it that I didn't even take a picture to show you - I don't want your pity!

The rest of you normal-sized fingers girls will love them though!
Essie Sleek Stick Collection - $11.99 - long lasting uv-cured nail appliques last up to 14 days and come in 12 designs: Over The Moon - pink cabochon pave; Oh My Gold! - golden geometric op-art; A To Zebra - gloss ebony over matte; Sneek-e - silvery serpentine snakeskin; Steel The Show - hypnotic chrome honeycomb; Don't Cheetah On Me - wildly luxurious print; Croc'n Chic - moody mahogany crocodile; Glam It On - riveted pearlescent peach; Embrace The Lace - gilded ivory filigree; Stickers And Stones - bubbly cabochon angora pewter; Love To Love You - inky romantic calligraphy; So Haute! - gold spiked crimson.

In stores now, I've seen the display at my local Shoppers!

- Lisamarie -

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