February 21, 2013

Quo Cosmetics Spring 2013 Collection

Inspired by the shimmer of iridescent pearls - Quo has a spring collection that offers both soft hues and pops of colour - with pearl-inspired packaging that looks just as pretty as what's inside!
Grace and Glamour Beauty Box - $20 - in 3 collections: Exotic Charm, Fluid Elegance and Sensual Enigma - each include 2 blushes, 12 eyeshadows and 4 lip colours for a multitude of looks!
Pearl Eye Liner - $8 - in 4 shades: Patina, Amethyst, Ice Pink and Platinum - offer subtle pearl and metallic perfect for accenting the eyes and creating unique looks!
Take A Brow Eyebrow Palette - $10 - includes 2 powder brow shades along with a wax to help tame - use the shades separately or combine to create a custom shade just for you1
Blushing Pearl Cheek Palette - $16 - in two colour combos: Endless Allure and Timeless Radiance - includes a cream blush perfect for layering under the 2 blush trios also included or wear any of them alone.
Pearl Kisses Lip Gloss - $10 - in 4 shades: Delicate Plum, Mauve Magic, Neverending Nude and Passionate Pink that offer a touch of colour and pearly shimmer but the best part has to be the removable pearl and shoe charm which makes it just the cutest thing ever!
Touch Of Pearl Brush Set - $55 - Limited Edition -  features 9 brushes including: foundation, concealer, blush, powder, all over shadow, crease blender, shadow smudger, liner/brow and lip with custom white handles, rose metal ferrules, and unique bristles containing real pearls along with a deluxe cosmetic bag to store and protect your brushes and makeup.

Available exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart in March.

- Lisamarie -


  1. that brow set is rocking my world right now....must buy!

  2. All of these colours look so fresh and pretty for Spring! The packaging is so cute too! The Grace and Glamour beauty boxes look stunning!

  3. I've seen this collection at my local SDM and tested some of the eyeshadows and eyeliners and the texture is just amazing ... Very impressed by this collection, I think Quo did it again :)

  4. :O I sooo want those blush palettes! The one on the right (Timeless Radiance?) is really calling my name! What gorgeous shades! The eyeliners look fun and pretty for spring, too! I'm not a fan of palettes with lippies in them, so I think I'll pass on those. Can't wait for this collection to launch! Thanks for sharing :)


  5. Having only very recently subscribed to your blog, and added you to my roster of favoured bloggers (sliding to the rare atmosphere of the peak group on that list by virtue of being a fellow Canadian beauty lover:)) ... I was initially taken aback by a full photo of the new QUO collection, having never seen that much Canadian cosmetic product being displayed in any of the 200 or so blogs that I follow as the article header, then going back to the that photo and clicking on it to read your accompanying blog post/review/first impression. Shoppers Drug has been stepping up their game with the QUO line in recent years. With added market placement in a larger percentage of YouTube videos with Canadian "beauty gurus" and other 'mere' makeup collectors...speaking of QUO brushes for instance with a respect for the brush quality given historically to perhaps Sigma or Belledium Tools in the USA, and US based YouTube women receiving them as gifts from Canadian friends/viewers, the US women consequently seeking them out and purchasing more of the brushes when cross border shopping at the increasing number of Shoppers Drug Marts that are in just about every mall as you come up through the border at the Peace Arch - Shoppers Drug Mart is enjoying a resurgence in the popularity for the QUO line,which if the past several collections are anything to go by, will only serve to encourage Shoppers Drug to continue the expansion of the line, as well as the improvement in both the quality in both packaging and product along with an inspiration to keep up with the current cosmetic trends for all ages. Your article has served to assure the line continues to be exposed to a wider global market, something that can only put smiles on both the women who support the QUO brand and the share holders of the monopoly itself. I'm very glad that I came across your blog and chose to subscribe:) ox Care

  6. I work at Shoppers Drugmart as a cosmetician and I was extremely excited when I saw this in the store. I can't wait to buy a few of those palettes and the brush set, they look absolutely beautiful! They remind me of bunnies, and the colors are very nice for spring. I think they did a wonderful job on this collection, but Quo never disappoints me <3


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