February 14, 2013

Garnier Ultra-Lift Targeted Line Smoother - smooth wrintkles instantly as you repair them over time!

Sick of those pesky little lines around your mouth and eyes?  Those expression lines could soon be a thing of the past with:

Garnier Ultra-Lift Targeted Line Smoother Tightener + Cream - 15ml - $22.99 -  a double action targeted wrinkle treatment: creases are instantly tightened while the formula works to ultimately repair lines.

Instant tightening and firming is offered thanks to flexible bipolymers - derived from sugar they form a natural film on the skin that creates an instant tightening and smoothing effect; and sodium hyaluronate and glycerin - powerful humectants that bind moisture to the skin to deliver a plumper look and feel.

While long term repairing goes on with pro-retinol from nature - a gentle retinol that without disrupting the moisture barrier, penetrates deeply to boost the production of collagen and speeds cell turnover, dramatically improving the look of skin; and salicylic acid - a gentle exfoliant that helps boost cellular turnover as well as the penetration of other active ingredients delivered to the skin.

- Lisamarie -

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