February 6, 2013

Eye Love Wednesday - Diorshow Mono Eyeshadows

As much as I love a colourful shadow palette, when it comes to everyday nudes or a smoky look a single shadow makes life (and eyeshadow) a lot easier and I just love the new:

Diorshow Mono Eyeshadows - $32 - with a new formula that can be used wet - for a more intense finish or dry - for a light, natural effect - and an embossed Dior logo on the shadow that makes it almost too pretty to use!

The Nude shades include: Nude #506, Ribbon #623, Grege #726, Choc Clair #564 and Panama #566 - are all perfect for creating a flawless and easy "no makeup" look.

The Smoky shades are: Camouflage #477, Velvet #783 and Khol #096 - help create a mysterious and dramatic look.

Available now at Dior beauty counters across Canada.

- Lisamarie -


  1. I love Dior. A lot of my makeup is Dior and I have never found a better eyeshadow quality.

    So of course I bought one of these as soon as I found it. I got it in the colour 760 "Tweed". In the pan it looks like pretty taupe.

    I don´t like this!

    The formula is dry and has very little pigmentation. Used dry it doesn´t show up. I am very fair (NW15) so if it doesn´t show up on me, there is little hope for people with a darker colour.

    Used wet it shows better, but the formula is not easy to work with. YSL makes great wet/dry shadows. This is not like it. Glitter and still not a lot of colour even used wet.

    I would not buy these without testing them at the counter first. Sad but there you have it.

    1. I haven't tried Tweed so I can't speak to it but I have Nude and love it! I'm also fair and was looking for a shade that I could use as either a base or just an all-over sweep for lazy days and this one is perfect. I don't find it dry or glittery at all!

      But yes, always try them first at the counter if you can, one person's love can be another person's hate!

      Best, Lisamarie


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