February 20, 2013

Breathe life into your skin with The Ultimate Facial from Caryl Baker Visage

You know how they say that you learn something new everyday? Well last week I found out that Visage does facials - I knew that they sold makeup and did eye brow shaping but for some reason I was totally unaware of the extensive amount of facial services they offer - including the latest and greatest - The Ultimate Facial - which is a 60 minute treatment that combines the use of deeply hydrating collagen and cell boosting pure oxygen for a facial that will have your skin looking and feeling soft and rejuvenated.

My Ultimate Facial was performed by the lovely Zarina at the Scarborough Town Centre location. She started me off with Phase One Microdermabrasion - ($35) - an exfoliation treatment that you can get prior to any facial service that acts as a skin-smoothing treatment to remove dead skin cells and to allow treatment products to better penetrate the skin.

This was followed by the usual cleansing and massaging and then a Collagen Mask - which is a sheet mask and if you haven't tried once of these before they can make you feel a little mummy-ish! The mask helps to promote collagen production, skin firmness and elasticity as well as helps diminish fine line and rehydrate the skin to keep it looking soft, smooth and more youthful.

The mask is followed by the oxygen treatment where they basically blow pure oxygen into your skin - it's a little chilly and smells weird but it's doing lots of great things for your skin so I sucked it up. As Zarina explained it to me, the oxygen helps stimulate collagen and elastin growth, lighten and brighten the appearance of the skin and fade pigmentation naturally, improves rosacea, acne, all forms of dermatitis, maintains moisture and nutrient levels resulting in a supple, youthful appearance - keeping the skin naturally hydrated and as an added benefit, helped the ingredients from the collagen mask absorb deeper. Whatever is did my skin looked plump and glowing by the end of my session!

With any facial Visage offers a complimentary makeup application which is great if you are going out or back to work but I was just going home and I love the perfectly clean skin feeling you get right after a facial so I left au natural.

If you think The Ultimate Facial sounds wonderful too, this is the time to try it - until February 24 it's being offered at the special price of $79.50 (regular price: $150). As well there is the option of specially priced pre-paid packages.

Check out www.carylbakervisage.com for a location near you.

- Lisamarie -


  1. Sounds awesome! Going for a facial there today, can't wait. Thanks for letting me know what to expect:)


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