September 6, 2013

Michael Kors Sporty Sexy Glam makeup collections

Along with the Michael Kors Sporty Sexy Glam fragrances are corresponding makeup collections so your changing moods can look as well as smell different - not only are the colours great but the packaging is so luxe that you'll want to have it on display!
Sporty Collection:

Diva Lip Lacquer - $26 - peachy nude
Muse Lip Luster -$26 -  blush-toned nude
Hint Nail Lacquer - $20 - luminous taupe
Gossip Nail Lacquer - $20 - milky, dimensional white
Glow Bronze Powder - $55 - natural tawny sheen
Sexy Collection:

Bombshell Lip Lacquer -$26 -  true, blue-based red
Siren Lip Luster - $26 - glossy red with a dash of electric fuchsia
Scandal Nail Lacquer - $20 - vibrant fuchsia with a subtle metallic fleck
Sensation Nail Lacquer - $20 - scarlet high shine red
Flush Bronze Powder - $55 - healthy, rosy glow
Glam Collection:

Dame Lip Lacquer - $26 - deep cabernet with a hint of berry
Icon Lip Luster - $26 - deep plum
Envy Nail Lacquer - $20 - warm, extra-dark violet
Desire Nail Lacquer - $20 - deep, ebony brown
Beam Bronze Powder - $55 - deep coppery glow

Available exclusively at The Bay.

- Lisamarie -


  1. I was going to say exactly what the previous poster stated! Great packaging.


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