May 2, 2014

Fragrant Friday - Mugler Les Exceptions

If there's anything better then one new fragrance, it's a whole collection of new fragrances where you are sure to find the one that is perfect for you - so you will be excited to hear about a unique  new collection of five fragrances from Mugler by renowned Perfumers, Olivier Polge and Jean Christophe Herault - crafted around the major themes of traditional perfumery and Canada is the first country to get their hands it!

Mugler Les Exceptions - 80ml EDP - $185, 80ml Source Refill - $127

Chyprissime - based on a traditional blend of bergamot orange, oak moss, cistus labdanum and patchouli with a surprise guest ingredient of  a fruity and juicy accord with pear accents - for a reinterpretation of chypre that is pure, resonant and radiant.

Supra Floral - the soliflore, reinvented around a remarkable flower, rare in perfume making, the hyacinth. A fluid, profound and richly-faceted flower, velvety, green and crisp with the unexpected ingredient being incense - for a sensual fragrance with unsuspected mystery and depth.

Fougere Furieuse - typically in men's fragrances, the fougere accent traditionally reveals a wealth of aromatic, woody notes. With its floral facets borrowed from feminine perfumes, neroli challenges the masculine character of the fougere accord along with coumarin and amber notes - for a addictive fragrance that can be worn by both men and women.

Over The Musk - adds the animal nature back to the modern musks more mellow and transparent notes to add instinct, character, sensuality and depth with ambrette seeds - for a fragrance with sex appeal and sophistication like precious cashmere.

Oriental Express -a tribute to oriental perfumes - balms, resins, vanilla and powdery effects to create an intensely sensual and addictive blend with a startling and unusual base of carrot, seed and wood to add an unexpected twist - for an extraordinary blend that is green and creamy.

The fragrances aren't geared specifically towards men or women but are rather meant to have more of a universal appeal so either sex can choose any fragrance - even the Art Deco-inspired bottles have a simple sleek look that will appeal to all.

And don't think this is a grab and go kind of thing, this is a total experience my friends! At the consultation table, the Mugler ambassador guides, gives personalized advice and takes the time to introduce the story behind each Exception. Once you decide on the one meant for you, it will be filled and put together before your eyes.

Available exclusively at select Hudson's Bay Thierry Mugler Parfums Counter including: Montreal - Downtown, Toronto - Queen, Toronto - Yorkdale and Vancouver - Downtown.

- Lisamarie -


  1. I want them all, however the Bay will not ship to the US. HELP!

    1. Damn Canadians! :-) It will be going to the States as well, it just launched in Canada first - not sure what it's arrival date there is though, sorry!


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