May 8, 2014

Swiss Line offers time reversal in a bottle or at the Elmwood Spa!

Swiss Line is celebrating 25 years of reversing time and what better present to give then the gift of younger looking skin with the introduction of:

Swiss Line Cell Shock 360° Synchronized Time Reversal Program - 4 x 12ml - $140 - a 1 month anti-aging ampoules cure program to improve firmness, reduce lines and wrinkles, re-establish the perfect level of hydration, detox and maximize vitality and radiance. The program is comprised of both an AM and PM series, each having synchronized actions: the AM series lifts, fights wrinkles and hydrates the skin, while the PM series simultaneously boosts, brightens and detoxes the skin.

Designed to be used over the face and neck once or twice per year for one month periods at a time, ideally during the change in seasons replacing your usual serum for that time period.

If you aren't familiar with the Swiss Line, a great way to try it out is with a Swiss Line facial at Elmwood Spa. There are several different options depending on the results you are looking to achieve and I can personally recommend the Swiss Line Soothing and Anti-Redness Treatment - 60min - $159 - I knew I was irritated but I didn't realize my skin was too until this facial minimized my skin's redness and dilated blood capillaries and made my face look totally even toned, clear and so soft! They call it a "calming treatment for delicate skin prone to redness and irritation" - I knew I was delicate! Not only does it feel great, the Swiss Line products they use in this facial smell great too - it's definitely a memorable experience. Try and get Lidia if she's available - she's super knowledgeable about the products, gives a dream of a facial massage and thought I was 10 years younger then I am so what's not to like?!

Swiss Line products are also available for purchase in the spa boutique.

The Elmwood Spa is located at 18 Elm Street in Toronto - 416-977-6751 -

- Lisamarie -

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