May 12, 2017

Live your best blonde with Joico Blonde Life!

Joico introduces a new line for the 46% of hair colourers who are choosing to go blonde - Blonde Life - a lightening and brightening system just for blondes, because Joico understands that being blonde and staying blonde is a choice that is an investment in more ways than one - going and staying blonde can brighten your life but it can also be tough on your hair!

Going blonde takes quite the commitment - between regrowth, touch-ups, toning, damage and dulling of the hair, going blonde - and staying fresh-out-of-the-chair blonde - is a high-maintenance mission of trying to keep colour healthy, on-tone and gorgeous for as long as possible! 

It has now been made a lot easier with the Joico Blonde Life care products - that provide the royal treatment at home with a trio of intensely nurturing, sulfate-free formulas specially formulated to combat brassiness, brittleness and breakage that many blondes face after they leave the salon!

Created for those blondes tired of dealing with coarse, porous, hard-to-detangle hair with a formula of  strand-strengthening amino acid arginine, an exotic nutrient-rich blend of tamanu and monoi oils,  detoxifiers and Joico BioAdvanced Peptide Complex - all of which will banish the challenges of brassiness, off-tones, fading and damage that blondes experience daily to nourish and revive delicate strands. repair damage, replenish strength and prevent breakage so blondes stay bright and on-tone for up to 8 weeks resulting in hair that looks healthier and feels nourished.

Available in the at-home collection:

Blonde Life Brightening Shampoo - 300ml - $20.95 -  designed specifically for bleached, double-processed and high-lift blondes with a gentle sulfate-free cleanser that whips into a luscious lather then cleanses hair using a high-tech system that lifts and suspends dirt and oil in "micelles" (a fancy term for a bubble-like molecular arrangement) and quickly rinses them away. Along with it goes unwanted yellow tones that turn blonde hair brassy. What you get instead, is lustrous color and a soft, clean feel with no-drag wet combing so hair is perfectly prepped for a blow-dry. 

Blonde Life Brightening Conditioner - 250ml - $22.65 - with a nourishing formula for illuminating hydration and softness that won't weigh down fine, blonde strands - it combines the lightness of a lotion and the power of a serum to provide instant, intense hydration. Each highlighted strand is polished to a high gleam, giving incredible shine and detangling power that instantly revives blonde hair.

Blonde Life Brightening Masque - 150ml - $25.95 - intensely hydrates, softens, detoxifies and illuminates blonde hair by neutralizing chlorine and removing trace minerals known to turn a gorgeous head of blonde hair into a dull, yellow mess - an instant treatment that transforms bleached, brassy, fried hair into soft, glossy, reflective strands that have body and elasticity - the kind that makes everything move, bounce and shine.

and in the salon: Blonde Life Lightening Powder - 16oz - $29.95 - on- or off-scalp lightener that enhances golden strands with an ultra-high-lift formula that safely kicks colour  up to 9+ levels faster than any previous Joico lightener that can be used with foils or without. Easy to rinse and remove, it has a powerful conditioning formula containing arginine, tamanu and monoi oils.

The line also smells great, with soft notes of jasmine and vanilla that are complemented by fresh notes of nectarine, green melon and Meyer lemon and base notes that include sugared musk, vanilla and cashmere musk.

Available now at participating Joico salons - to find one near you call 1-800-267-4676 or at

- Lisamarie -

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