November 30, 2018

Two new products help you live the Joico Blonde Life!

Being blonde was never so easy thanks to two new products from Joico Blonde Life that solve a couple of problems unique to blonde hair to keep it shining bright:

Many oils have a yellow, gold, brown or bronze cast to them. When these oils are applied to blonde hair, the hair picks up the cast of the product (especially if blow drying or using any heat tools on the hair), and the blonde tone will turn a degree of brassy. Products that are not formulated to solve or guard against issues
for blondes can make blonde colour dull - problem solved with:

Joico Blonde Life Brilliant Glow Brightening Oil - 100ml - $27.65 - seals in moisture and instantly revs up the radiance of even the lightest hair, nourishing, stengthening and protecting each delicate strand with a mega-watt gleam while banishing frizz and leaving it silky and soft to the touch.

Losing tone or going brassing between colours? Problem solved with:

Joico Blonde Life Brilliant Tone Violet Smoothing Foam - 200ml - $25.95 - a super-light, dual-action styling breakthrough that instantly tones blond hair, banishing brassiness while smoothing and polishing each strand and leaves hair exceptionally smooth, frizz-free, super soft and bright.

Available now at participating Joico salons - to find one near you call 1-800-267-4676 or at

- Lisamarie -

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