September 18, 2009

Alligator Skin is Out!

The winter is around the corner and for most Canadian women it's also "Alligator skin season". Temperatures of -30C and dry air will crack any type of skin, so how do you cope, short of moving to Florida? I've tried 3 excellent products - and I have THE driest skin, so dry, I used prescription creams as a child - So, you can trust me on this.

Cocoa Butter from Palmer's (around $10)
A classic cocoa butter. You'll either love or hate the smell but one thing is certain:  it softens your skin like no other.

Body Butter from The Body Shop ($20/200ml)
My favorite. This butter is creamier than the previous cocoa butter and doesn't feel as greasy, yet it fulfills the brief perfectly. Your skin looks great and it smells incredible.
It is a little pricey, as the 200ml goes really fast but it's a great winter skin care product.

Vitamin E Serums ($5 - $10)
Now, here is another tip to improve your usual body lotion without breaking the bank or left feeling greasy. You can add a few drops of Vitamin E serum (BodyShop or Life from Shoppers Drug Mart ) in your usual body lotion. Vitamin E makes your skin smoother and helps reducing scaring. Definitely worth the investment.

So this season, alligator skin is out. Supple & delicious skin is in!


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