September 24, 2009

MAC Style Black - Where were you when I was rocker chick in the 80's?

I must admit, I love me some MAC but these guys seem to come out with so many collections that I just can't keep up anymore.  I would have to be one of those people who can have a love affair with just one line and since I'm not capable of being that faithful, they only get some of my attention.  Because of this, my ears will only perk up for those really cool and special collections.  The last time I was this excited was for Hello Kitty. Hoping for a repeat of that happy time, I took a trip down to the mall at lunch to get myself a look-see at Style Black.  This is a very runway inspired type collection, as much as the salesgirl tried to convince me that it was all very wearable, let's be serious here, black lipstick is black lipstick.  The blackware glimmerglass was cool and could be layered with something else to make it something you could wear out, but I'm maintaining my position on the black lipstick.  The other two gloss colours were meh, so I'm not even going to bother talking about them - let's get to the good stuff.

I was really interested in seeing the greasepaint stick in black - except it isn't really black, it's more of a deep purple with sparkles.  My concern was that it was going to be too smudgy and leave you with raccoon eyes.  It does smudge at first but then it sets so you have to be fast when you put it on if you are purposely going to smudge it.  I tested it on my hand and left it there while I was looking around and when I tried to remove it with a dry kleenex, it wasn't budging.  It took an oil based cleanser to get it off.

What I wasn't expecting to love was the mineralize eye shadows but they were gorgeous!  There are 4 colours: cinderfella (silvery), gilt by association (goldy), blue flame (blue but also looks purple depending on the light) and young punk (purpley, pinky) and they were all very sparkly on your skin.  The salesgirl told us that the intensity of the colour would increase if they are used wet, but I plan on using mine over the greasepaint stick to give it some pizzazz.

So I ended up buying the greasepaint stick, the eyeshadow in blue flame and the 214 brush which is part of this collection, and strangely, I don't own. Christelle got the stick, cinderfella and a brush set.  So all in all a successful lunch hour!

My recommendation, if you enjoy makeup that's a little out there then you will love this collection, if you are more of a neutrals girl, then save your time and money.  I'm going to try out my heroin chic, supermodel, just rolled out of bed look on my husband tonight, see if it gets me any play...

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