September 17, 2009

Easily distracted by shiny objects...

If you are anything like me and get entranced by pretty things that sparkle, then get your butt over to this site stat!
Ginger Kitty Designs -

I admire people with artistic talent and this lady has it in spades.  She has been making jewelry from MAC packaging for awhile and has now branched out into nail polish jewelry, which if you think about it is freaking brilliant - what has prettier, sparklier colours then nail polish?!

This is her nailpolish swirl pendant which I think is absolutely beautiful!  And at $29.99, a real steal - you could never find something this original in the stores for twice the price.  I also noticed for the same price she will custom make you a necklace in the polish colour of your choice.  This would be a great idea if you are looking for an exact match for a special outfit or even bridesmaid dresses!  Nail polish must come in Seafoam!

As I was reluctantly tearing myself away from her site to get back to work, I stumbled across this piece which I think is so classic and pretty.  It's like the giant diamond eternity circle that I have been trying to talk my husband into, well without the diamonds, but at $22, I think this will be a much easier sell!

- Lisamarie -

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