September 16, 2009

Not barefoot, definitely not pregnant and nowhere near the kitchen...

Something secret that most people don't know about me is that I love shoes (shhhhhh) - but what people really don't know is that I don't spend much money on shoes.  Sure I love a Manolo or a Gucci as much as the next girl, but the practical (damn it!) side of me knows that it is crazy to spend this month's mortgage payment on shoes.  If money was no object my collection would rival that of Imelda in size and quality, but since I can't swing the quality I'll keep trying for the size.  So I admit it, I buy a lot of inexpensive shoes - but I'll qualify that by saying I buy cheap, CUTE shoes so let me share my recent find with you, which you smart ladies probably already found yourself - Costa Blanca X -  - Super cute, crazy cheap and all the latest styles.  I couldn't resist picking up these beauties:

I just love a ballet flat and the studs on the toes had me sold.  And at $29.50, these are a steal (they also come in pink which may have to be mine as well!)

So next time you are at the mall, check them out - it's impossible for your husband to yell at you when you say "but honey, they were less then $30..."

- Lisamarie -

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