September 22, 2009

Grow old gracefully??? Get real! Now I don't have to thanks to Tanda!

Anyone that knows me understands that I don't take getting older lightly, there will be no graceful aging here, I plan on fighting it kicking and screaming every step of the way!  With this in mind and my plastic surgery fund under way, I do look for ways to slow down the process.

Enter Tända -
The blue and red light therapy system that was only available at the dermatologist, can now be yours at home.  It may seem complicated but it's actually pretty simple - the red light is for aging and the blue light is for acne, pick the one that is right for your skin issues and you are ready to go.

I bought the red starter kit which included the hand held device with the red head, a cleanser and a serum - price, a not insignificant $275.00.  The cool part is that you can also buy the heads separately, so I also purchased the blue head for $75.00 as they are interchangeable, you just switch out the heads depending on what issue you want to treat.  You are supposed to do it daily for the first couple of weeks and then a few times a week to maintain the results.

Now for what you really want to know - did it work???

I actually purchased it many months ago so I have had plenty of time to see if there were going to be results and I'm pleased to say there were.  The lines at the corners of my mouth, nose and eyes are shallower (and that is not just wishful thinking!), my skin tone is more even and even the redness that I used to have around my nose has disappeared.  Thanks to the blue head I have had  no breakouts on my chin which was really a problem area for me previously.  Now I just occasionally get a random pimple but  I just use the blue head on the pimple and it dries up and disappears within a couple of days, then you just use the red head to get rid of the red mark - it's magic!

I know it's pricey, but if I think about the amount of money I have spent on beauty treatments that didn't work and the number of uses I have gotten/will get out of the Tända, it doesn't seem quite as crazy!  And I know this is cheaper then a facelift! 

The Tända can be found at selected Shoppers Drug Marts as well as Sephora.

- Lisamarie -

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