February 9, 2011

Spring 2011 brings us more super cuteness from tokidoki!

The more I see of this line, the more it entertains me - not only does it have the super cute/cool factor that makes me love the packaging - but the makeup kicks ass - it might look like kiddie makeup but the quality is really superb!  Here's what's in stores for spring:
Soda Shop Palette - $59 - It's like Happy Days in bizarro-world but what a pretty world it is! Contains: 12 eyeshadows in Skull Donut - nude vanilla, Patatino - shimmery pale golden peach, Riposino - medium brown, Ciccio - bronzy gold brown, Mummetto - dark brown, Mozzarella - shimmering dark brown, Tulipano - pale lilac, Nancy Rocks - purple, Romeo - plum, Ciotolina - shimmering mossy green, Arrosto - dark charcoal gray with shimmer and Forbino - dark purple with shimmer; Perfetto Eyeliner; SANDy nail file; Removable tokidoki pendant magnet with a sheet of Soda Shop inspired tokidoki characters; all housed in a collectible tin.
Cromatico Eyeshadow Palette - Polpettina - $33 - contains shadows: LA Gun - dark bluish gray, Polpettina - matte pink, Candy Cane - white, and Adios - black - along with a Polpettina charm - I just wish they would change the packaging so you could carry the top part with the eyeshadows around separately to make it a little more streamlined for keeping in your purse!

Bellina Blush - $29 - duo blush in two shade combos: Siberia - rosy pink duo or Skate Girl - peachy pink duo
Gelato Lip Balm Stain - $12 - in four colours/flavours: Pink Martini - Pink with cherry flavor, Donutella - Peach with melon flavor, Skeletrina - Purple with grape flavor and Ciao Ciao - no colour with mint flavour
Perfetto Eye Liner - $21 - long lasting a waterproof, this precision chisel tip (inspired by graphic artist pens) can produce three eyeliner effects:
- Thin: Using the tip creating a slender exact line
- Medium: Slightly slanting the pen creating a bold, thicker line
- Heavy: Slanting the pen horizontally & coloring eyelid area for eyeshadow like coverage.
the air tight cap creates a perfect seal, so your pen will never dry out.
In eight colours: Rondine Love - white, Donutella - medium pink, Ciao Ciao - periwinkle, Ariecchino - dark blue, SANDy - dark green, Carina - eggplant, Captain Banana - rich chocolate and Sabochan - black
Siberia Blush Brush - $33 - with an angled precision tip for easy highlighting - not to mention it's the cutest
thing ever!

What do you think of the spring line - are you a fan of overwhelming cuteness?

- Lisamarie -


  1. everytime someone posts about tokidoki i just want to leave my country and move to the states or anywhere that has sephora. lol!!!

    these are sooo cute. i must get the siberia blush brush. <3

  2. Cute but how the heck would you store that brush...says the OCD practical side of me :)

  3. That brush is so darn cute!!!!

  4. These products are super cute!!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I can't get enough of their cute packaging. I'm really loving that blush duo :)

  6. OMG!I love tokidoki! thanks for posting this ^^ or else, I would nvr knw about it. I like => Siberia Blush Brush

  7. Ok I am 40 and I still want this! The gelato lip stain, gasp.

  8. toki doki was never really my style
    but i'm loving the pic of the model's make up~

  9. how cute is this tokidoki collection!!!!! but how come i only see half of these at sephora?


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