February 14, 2011

Grammys: I Want Nicki Minaj's Hair!

Oh Nicki Minaj...that hairdo is genius! I mean, leopard print in your hair? That's fierce. While Lady Gaga made her grand entrance in an egg, her stage outfit was underwhelming...she looked like Madonna circa 1990...hardly anything new. Also what I like about Minaj is the joy that emanates from her, she looks like someone fun to hang out with - I saw her once on the Fashion Police TV show and she's not afraid of poking fun at herself...while Lady Gaga's interviews are BORING. La Caca takes herself so seriously, it's almost comical.

Esperanza Balding, the Grammy winner in the New Artist category (oh snatch, Justin Bieber) was a little OTT:  crazy dress, crazy color, big hairdo, and purple shoes...hmm, no thank you.

Also on the red carpet: Miley Cyrus had the biggest side boob cleavage I've seen in a long time, looking like her usual trashy self. Katy Perry managed not to irritate me, for once and Willow Smith sounded more articulate than Marc Anthony.



  1. I want Nicki's lipstick! GORGEOUS!

  2. It looks like it could be the "Cotton Candy Pink" lipstick from her MAC collection.
    It looks great, I agree.


  3. i would have liked miley's dress had she not exposed all that side boob! i don't care how young / old you are - that look is NOT cute. i LOVE nicki minaj! and i used to love lady gaga, but not i'm not as much anymore.. she's always trying so hard to seem like this cool, innovative, unique person, when i don't think she really is. her performance reminded me so much of madonna last night.

  4. love nicki minaj's hair, minus that crazy fro bit...

  5. her name is Esperanza SPALDING. she is a beautiful woman, who makes beautiful INTELLECTUAL music and she totally deserved that win as well as the recognition.


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