February 23, 2011

L'Oréal Hair Expertise finally makes its way to Canadian soil - well hair really but you know what I mean!

For years now I have been forced to listen to my European friends and bloggers  rave about the L'Oréal Elsève haircare line.  As I never travel to Europe and Christelle is too mean to bring me back presents when she goes - I have never actually been able to get my hands on this line to try it. L'Oréal felt my pain and is bringing me (okay fine,us) products from the line that will specifically meet the demands of Canadian women's hair - to help it cope with the harsh winters and dry, humid summers - with a new look and a new name for the line - Hair Expertise!  Consisting of five categories: damaged, dry, coloured, frizzy and dull hair - there is something for everyone!

For damaged hair: Total Repair 5 - a pro-keratine (the conditioning formula that reinforces each hair fibre to give it strength to resist daily wear and tear) and ceramide (the formula restores smoothness to the hair fibre, leaving it soft to the touch with a healthy looking shine) enriched formula that targets 5 of the top Canadian hair problems: weak, limp, lifeless, dull and straw-like hair without weighing it down.
Total Repair 5 Repairing Shampoo - 385ml - $5.99 - penetrates the hair to deliver targeted root-to-tip nutrition.  hair is thoroughly clean and ultra shiny all over.
Total Repair 5 Repairing Conditioner - 385ml - $5.99 - instantly detangles hair, helping to repair the fibre while strengthening and protecting hair from root to tip. 
Repairing Detangling Spray - 250ml - $6.99 - instantly detangles, while strenthening hair to visibly reduce breakage.
Night Elixir - 150ml - $6.99 - infuses your hair with essential nutrients overnight for incredibly soft hair in the morning.
Repairing Mask - 300ml - $6.99 - gives in-depth nourishment and intense repair for damaged brittle hair.
For dry hair: Re-Nutrition - enriched with royal jelly - a rare and precious natural and nourishing ingredient to help your rediscover the sensation of bouncy and incredibly silky hair.  your hair regains elasticity and suppleness to leave it looking full of life.
Re-Nutrition Shampoo - 385ml - $5.99 - gently cleanses dry hair, restoring hair's elasticity and suppleness.
Re-Nutrition Shampoo 2-in-1 - 385ml - $5.99
Re-Nutrition Conditioner - 385ml - $5.99 - replenishes hair's softness and manageability and leaves a delicious honey and floral scent.  The ultra melting texture soaks into the hair fibre, nourishing the hair from root to tip.
Nourishing Cream Care - 200ml - $6.99 - ultra moisturizing formula instantly nourishes to bring back bounce without weighing hair down.
Deep Nourishing Mask - 300ml - $6.99 - drenches very dry hair with essential nutrients to leave it soft, shiny and feather-light.
For coloured hair: Color Radiance - with a UV filter formula combines an active nourishing ingredient and filters, to work on 2 levels: to nourish the hair and transform the surface, hair feels silky to the touch; and to help protect the hair fibre from external aggressions and accentuate your colour's radiance.
Color Radiance Shampoo - 385ml - $5.99 - is perfectly balanced to cleanse deeply while protecting coloured hair - available in dry or normal formula.
Color Radiance Conditioner - 385ml - $5.99 - instantly detangles without weighing the hair down.  It nourishes and protects coloured hair's vibrancy - available in dry or normal formula.
Protecting Detangling Care - 250ml - $6.99 - instantly detangles coloured hair without weighing it down.  Brilliant and intense, hair is sublimed and protected all day.
Protecting Mask - 300ml - $6.99 - deeply nourishes and envelopes your hair in a sublime texture.
For frizzy hair: Nutri-Sleek - with Mediterranean Argan Oil, a naturally derived softening ingredient for an intensely smoothing formula with a dual action: intense nourishment - the formula nourishes hair and calms frizz for even smoothing right to the ends for hair that is 4X smoother; and 48H protection - with a shield effect, the formula protects the hair from dampness or humidity to control and prevent frizz.
Nutri-Sleek Shampoo - 385ml - $5.99 - deeply cleanses dry, coarse and rebellious hair while soothing, calming and nourishing for a sleek and manageable result.
Nutri-Sleek Shampoo 2-in-1 - 385ml - $5.99
Nutri-Sleek Conditioner - 385ml - $5.99 - deeply nourishes rebellious hair for perfectly frizz-free, silky smooth renewed hair with softness and shine.
Smoothing Detangling Care - 230ml - $6.99
Smoothing Creme Care - 200ml - $6.99
Deep Smoothing Serum - 50ml - $6.99 - to instantly fight flyaways and prevent frizz.
For dull hair: Nutri-Shimmer - contain protein + pear - the nutritive and energizing elements contained in pearl protein give natural pearls their brilliant shine and resistance.  Nutri-Shimmer penetrates the hair to give targeted nutrition to the fibre, balanced from root to tip, without weighing down the hair.  Instantly the micro-splits of the hair cuticle are more even.  Smoother, the surface of the hair captures and better reflects the light.  Perfectly nourished, the hair fibre becomes stronger.  your hair looks revived.
Nutri-Shimmer Shampoo - 385ml - $5.99 - penetrates the hair to deliver feather-light root-to-tip nutrition, leaving it thoroughly clean and ultra-shiny all over.
Nutri-Shimmer Shampoo 2-in-1 - 385ml - $5.99 
Nutri-Shimmer Conditioner - 385ml - $5.99 - instantly detangles hair without weighing it down.
Shine Detangling Care - 250ml - $6.99 - effectively conditions and detangles hair while infusing mirror-shine effect.

Available this month at your usual haunts.  How about you, had you heard of Elsève before and been dying to get your hands on it too?

- Lisamarie -


  1. I am pretty happy about this. Used to love the Sleek, Shimmer and Nutrition versions before I moved to Canada, so it is nice to see these come. My hair definitely needs some help with the crazy winters here.

  2. The Nutrisleek was my favourite serum before I moved here! Couldn't understand why I couldn't find it.

  3. sweet =D
    looks like a great line~


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