February 24, 2011

GAP's spring look adds years of therapy to my life!

GAP has a new silhouette which they claim channels the 70's but in a more streamlined way.  They can call it whatever they like but all I see are bell-bottoms - and here is my sad childhood story associated with them.  When I was young we used to go and visit my grandmother who would give me cast off clothing from my aunt which she had saved in a trunk for for when it would fit me.  One particular visit I was thrilled to receive a pair of bell-bottom jeans - they actually looked very similar to the ones pictured here except that on the back waistband they were embroidered with orange mushrooms - I thought they were the coolest thing ever - and they were - in the 70s - in the 80s, not so much.  I proudly wore them to school the following day and was thoroughly mocked.  Children can be so cruel!  Despite my fashion-forwardness and early understanding of what's old is new again, I never did wear that pair of jeans again and have not been able to embrace the return of 70s look.

GAP High Waisted Pin Tuck Flare Jean - $89.50

Vintage Two Tone Flare Jean - $79.50
Those of you without emotional scars relating to denim, can find these and other styles in a variety of washes at your local GAP store or at www.gapcanada.ca

- Lisamarie -


  1. LOL! I love this look :) Did a post on my other blog:


    And I'm really short so I probably shouldn't love this look :P

  2. Awesome Elaine, This is the excuse I am using from now on - I'm too short to wear them - it sounds much better then I'm too emotionally scarred to wear them! ;-)

    BTW, they look cute on you!

    Best, Lisamarie

  3. You're so funny! And so scarred.

  4. Hahaha! I'm excited for the return of the 70s look! I was just in elementary school, so this time I'm gonna get to be a hippie. :) Although my teen daughter might not like it much. :)

  5. I love it!

    I had to smile at your story, because I have had severe bell bottom trauma too... Coming from a family of 8 with a mom in very poor health we just could not afford buying new clothes, so I/we were always wearing hand-me-downs form nieces, nephews etc. Of course by the time we got them they were completely out of fashion. Including the bell-bottoms. We got harassed and teased so badly about it at school I really hated the term bell bottom alone... But I got over it. I am still not hip, it is apparently not in my karma to succeed financially because after a great study and job I ended on disability and very little chance to ever recover, but I learned to make due. Fashion is what you make from it. And wearing hand-me-downs is very vintage & ecofashionable ;-)


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