January 30, 2012

Fall in love with LUSH for Valentine's Day!

Nothing says sexy to me like a bath or shower filled with bubbles and wonderful smells - if nothing else it means the boy will be clean at the end of it... and of course sharing is environmentally friendly too! These V-Day offerings from LUSH are sure to get at least one of you in the mood!

Sweetheart Soap - $4.95 - a sweet smelling soap that is full of aphrodisiacs like jasmine, sandalwood, ylang ylang and bergamot to help lift your spirits. And even though it looks like a giant candy, I don't recommend eating it!

Love Potion Massage Bar - $9.95 - delicately scented with the fragrance of Love perfume.
Leap Frog Bath Bomb - $4.95 - with the scents of jasmine, sandalwood, ylang ylang, rose and neroli - created in honour of 2012 being a leap year which means ladies can do the proposing! I guess that means this will get a ring around your man instead of the tub...
A Million Kisses Lip Tint - $8.95 - a red lip tint that is scented with roses and will leave lips soft and supple. Can also be used as a cheek tint!
25:43 - 2ml - $3, 9ml - $14.95, 30ml - $39.95 - named for the amount of time - 25 minutes and 43 seconds that it took Mark Constantine, LUSH founder and Gorilla Perfumer, to make this fragrance for his son Simon's wedding. With notes of lime tonka accord with sweet warm hay and a fresh green citrus top.
Do Knot Disturb Knot Wrap - $28.95 - inside the wrap you'll find products to make your Valentine's Day a  little more special with a paper band around it that can be used as a door hanger once cut out. Contains: Soft Coeur Lust Soap, Sex Bomb, French Kiss.

- Lisamarie -


  1. I'm loving Leap Frog! Really cute :)

  2. That frog bath bomb rocks my socks :O loves it!! great post!


  3. The shapes and names suck me in every time!

  4. I have been LUSH products for such a long time now and I am highly satisfied with the quality and the colour varieties concerned...your shared stuff is really Great to see..!!


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