January 27, 2012

The Body Shop Chocomania - all the chocolate satisfacation without all the calories!

Chocoholics rejoice - finally you can have all the chocolate you want without feeling guilty or gaining an ounce thanks to The Body Shop Chocomania!

Available in the line is:

Body Scrub - 200ml - $18, 50ml - $6
Shower Cream - 250ml - $8, 60ml - $4
Soap - $4
Body Lotion - 250ml - $12, 60ml - $4
Body Butter - 200ml - $18, 50ml - $6
Lip Butter - 10ml - $6

Not only will you not get fat, here's something else to feel good about - they are all chock full of Fair Trade ingredients including: Aloe Leaf from Guatemala, Marula Nuts from Namibia, Shea Nuts and Cocoa Beans from Ghana, Coconut from Samoa, Sesame Seeds from Nicaragua, Soya Beans and Babassu Nuts from Brazil, Brazil Nuts from Peru, Olives from Italy and Sugar Cane from Paraguay.

As a long-time fan of The Body Shop Body Butter, I'm happy to know that the Chocomania version is 45% Community Fair Trade ingredients!

Get everything you need to smell good enough to eat February 6th!

- Lisamarie -


  1. I had a sample of this the other day, it smells amazing! I can't wait to get the body butter next month

  2. Love to eat, but not sure I love to smell like it... :)


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