January 16, 2012

Mascara Monday - Rimmel Volume Flash Scandal'Eyes Mascara

Rimmel Volume Flash Scandal'Eyes Mascara - $8.99 - You know something unusual is in store when you first see the bright orange tube this mascara comes in - I actually had to hunt around for mine a bit as my husband had stolen it off my desk thinking it was a highlighter! And once your eyes adjust to the blinding orange tube and you open it up, you will gape at the size of the brush, it's freaking huge! It's what they are calling a max density brush - 50% larger and meant to capture and plump every lash.
As far as mascara goes, I'm not really a volumizing fan and I actually like a small brush, so this huge brush pretty much freaked me out! The formula is also being touted as supersized with 3x the collagen and keratin.
Nothing on the right eye, one coat on the left. I actually don't mind the look of one coat at all, it gives me some length and definition without too much volume.
Here it is with two coats which makes my lashes a little too spidery for my taste.
And if you give the brush a little twist, you can see it will reward you with a bit of curl!

Have I moved over to the dark side and become a volumizing convert? Not so much, but this is one of the few volume mascaras that I have ever been able to use one coat of and get the type of look I like so I'm not a hater at all!

- Lisamarie -


  1. ooo, it seems like it works well. i'm definitely a sucker for good quality mascaras.


  2. That brush looks massive, I'm not sure I could manage it..I'm afraid I'd be wearing it on more than just my lashes!


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