May 9, 2012

Daniel Thompson takes the confusion out of skincare!

You probably already know Daniel Thompson Beauty's line of pure mineral make up that not only looks good but is good for your skin - so a foray into skincare seems like a natural progression for the brand.

To this end, Daniel and his lead chemist spent the last year creating the very first eco-medical range of skincare available in Canada. With all the performance capabilities of paramedical products, combined with the safety of organic formulas.

Their goal was to combine the benefits of more natural formulas with the marketing appeal of designer cosmetics. Simplicity with prestige.

What makes the products really unique is a medical based carrier that delivers active ingredients based on hormonal fluctuations in the skin. The actives are delivered only when the skin requires them and because there are no synthetic or chemical carriers there is less than 1% risk of irritation or adverse reaction.

These formulas can be used on any skin type and can address any skin care concern. Due to the in-stasis formulas these products can be used in conjunction with any other skin care product without risk of adverse interactions. Results appear quickly and are long lasting.

The two products in the line are:

The Cleanser - 150ml - $84 - is 4 products in 1: a make up remover; facial cleanser; exfoliator; and toner - that is suitable for all skin types and is meant to be used once a day in the evening. Designed with hydrophobic and hydrophilic ingredients that can be activated to either add moisture to the skin or prevent
excessive lubrication. The Cleanser penetrates beyond the upper epidermal layers for both cleansing and exfoliating benefits while eliminating acne causing bacteria and delivering intense lipid identical moisture.
Safe to use on the entire face including the eye area and formulated to eliminate the need for separate products. Paraben free, dye free, fragrance free, wax free and formulated without petroleum based ingredients.

This type of cleanser is my favourite kind to use at night - it's creamy so it does a great job of taking off makeup and unlike most cleansers that have a built in toner, I really didn't feel the need to use an actual toner afterwards - my skin felt clean without being too tight. This cleanser is only meant to be used at night which means in the morning you just splash some water on your face and apply the moisturizer - except this just isn't in my DNA - logically I know that my skin isn't dirty from just sleeeping but I just don't feel right if I don't wash it in the morning so I kept using my usual gel cleanser with no adverse effects as the Daniel Thompson products are designed so that you can combine them with other products should you wish too!

The Moisturizer - 50ml - $112 - works as 4 products in 1: your day cream; night cream; eye cream; specialty treatment (serum, exfoliator, anti aging) and is beneficial for all skin types and meant to be used twice a day: morning and evening on the entire face, including the eye area. The Moisturizer penetrates to the dermal/epidermal junction to deliver active ingredients at the cellular level. Paraben free, dye free, fragrance free, and formulated without petroleum based ingredients.

I fully expected to not like the moisturizer, it looks all thick and creamy - exactly like the ones I usually avoid because they are totally unsuitable for my combination skin! Strangely though, once on, it didn't feel heavy at all, it just kind of melted in and felt weightless - and it really does seem to balance things out, both my dry and oily areas feel a lot more normal. I also really like the scent, very light and pretty. Just keep in mind that it doesn't contain SPF so don't forget to add sunscreen during the day!

If you are looking to pare down your beauty routine and make some room on your bathroom counter these products are worth checking out!

Available at selected salons and spas across Canada - to order call 647-347-3088 or e-mail

- Lisamarie -

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