May 30, 2012

Aveeno Pure Renewal let's you wash as much as you want - guilt-free!

Have you noticed that the latest trend in hair washing seems to be not actually washing it at all - or if you must wash, then it's with one of those conditioning shampoos? I just don't feel like my hair is really clean unless some actual shampooing goes on and if my head doesn't look like a big frothy rabid dog when it's happening then there is no way my hair is clean! (This goes along with my theory that if cleaning products don't smell like lemons, my house isn't actually clean.)

Enter the Aveeno Pure Renewal collection which features Active Naturals Balancing Seaweed Extract that cleanses hair without over-drying, providing the ideal solution to maintain hair’s optimal moisture levels. The result is a marked improvement in hair’s softness and shine, leaving hair in its purest, healthiest, and cleanest state - 80% more manageable after the first use and up to seven times healthier-looking and are even safe for colour-treated hair!
Formulated with sulfate-free cleansers and without the use of parabens or synthetic dyes, the collection offers a simple, non-abrasive cleansing routine with the added benefit of better foaming than other sulfate-free hair care formulas. This is due to a new innovative technology from Aveeno, which helps minimize the amount of ingredients in the collection, to allow for more gentle cleansing, while still producing the lathering and foaming sensation that consumers expect and desire in their hair care. This new technology is naturally-derived from potato starch, is sulfate-free and biodegradable, so it’s both gentle on hair and earth-friendly.

Available in the collection is:

Pure Renewal Shampoo - 310ml - $8.99 - naturally renews hair to its healthiest state with naturally-derived cleansers that carefully lift away impurities without over-drying the hair while rebalancing hair's optimal moisture levels to prolong that clean feeling.

Pure Renewal Conditioner - 310ml - $8.99 - designed to condition and soften without weighing hair down and rebalance hair's optimal moisture levels to leave it silky and more manageable for styling.

Pure Renewal 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner - 310ml - $8.99 - easy one-step product to cleanse and condition hair without drying it out and leaves hair feeling healthy, renewed and manageable for easier styling.

 Available now at food, drug and mass merchandisers.

- Lisamarie -

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