May 21, 2012

Get polished with new nail products from Quo by Orly and GOSH!

Quo by Orly has entered the at-home gel nail colour market with everything you need for durable gel manicures at home that will last up to three chip-free weeks!

Quo by Orly Gels Starter Kit - $40 - includes: Cleanser - 50ml - to clean nails prior to application; Primer - 4.4ml - to prime nails for application; Base + Top - 4.4ml - to insure a long-lasting, chip-free manicure; Remover - 50ml - to remove colour; Pocket Removers - 20 pack - to remove on the go; Pusher & Remover - to aid in removal; Mini Nail File - to shape nails prior to application; and Lint Free Nail Wipes - 20 pack - to add shine to your manicure. (LED lamp and colours sold separately)
Quo by Orly Gels Colours - $10 - in 10 shades: Very Vixen, Chestnut Roasting, So Kissable, First Class, Filthy Rich, It Girl, Meaningful Destiny, Victorian Lace, Burning Love and Candlelight Dinner
Also available:
Quo by Orly LED Lamp for Nail Gels - $80 -
Quo by Orly Gels Treatments:
Base + Top Coat - $18
Primer - $6
Cleanser - 118ml - $5
GOSH Oh My GOSH! Nail Polish - 5ml - $4 - Mini bottles in 20 shades for more colours, less commitment: Pink Red; Classic Red; Red Noir; Deep Pink Red; Deep Red; Orange Red; Green Apple; Bright Yellow; Cobalt Blue; Turquoise Blue; Electric Pink; Orange Splash; Purple Rain; Ashy Grey; Brown Grey; Light Nutmeg; Peachy Rose; Nude Champagne; Light Rose; Baby Blue.
Quo by Orly Instant Artist Nail Paint - 9ml - $4 - these mini-brushed paints perfect for adding stripes, dots or any other design you can think of with 10 bright, glittery and contrasting shades: Neon Pink; Neon Yellow; Neon Green; Purple; Red; Blue; White; Black; Platinum Glitter; and Glittering Gold.
Quo by Orly Instant Artist Kit - $15 - includes: Detailer Brush - perfect for small artistry details, filling in colour or mixing colours; and Dotter Duo - two-sided dotter for creating perfectly sized dots - small side is perfect for picking up and applying accessories to nails.

Everything is available now at Shoppers Drug Mart.

- Lisamarie -


  1. I've tested the QUO by Orly gels extensively and they are AWESOME. They have amazing colors too!

    1. I love the product! Great shine and lasts about 3 weeks. The only problem I'm having is taking it off. Any suggestions?

    2. You need the tools that are in the Starter Kit to take it off - there is a remover liquid and a remover tool!


      Best, Lisamarie

  2. Loving the Instant Artist Nail Paints and the Instant Artist tools!

  3. love everything great bright colors!!

  4. Looking forward to tring out those Instant Artist Nail Paints! And the artist kit. I've only recently become confident enough with doing my nails to start being a bit more experimental, so these look like the perfect starter kit!
    Mel x

  5. The Quo by Orly are fantastic, basicaly rebranded/renamed Orly Gelfx, which is probalby the best of all the soak off gels. Goes on smoothly, and lasts about 3 weeks - I've never had a chip, just have to redo my manis due to nail growth.

    I really hope they bring out a black (like Liquid Vinyl), it's really missed in their selection. I'm hoping the other colours on their inserts show up - gorgeous teal and some lovely pinks.

    Also, c'mon Shoppers, do a media release or some advertising. It's impossible to find anything online about these, this is the first time I've seen all the available colours mentioned. Until now the only things I've found online have been blogs/reviews from me or others in my nail group. Soak off gels are new to the diy-er in Canada, and an amazing product. But without some sort of marketing, this will die.

  6. Is it nessary use the led light to apply the gel.... How do u apply the gel there are no step by steps in the site I bought the base+top and a color thinking you apply it the same as nail polish

  7. anonymous, you need to use the led to cure it and the after cleanser so you can remove the "stickyness" when the nails are completed, i got the sensationail kit through nailene to compare, and it does not compete at all this is by far the superior product, concur with prior comments, publicity people!!!


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