May 30, 2012

Colour yourself with primers from Dermalogica, Lise Watier, Pixi and Almay!

I'm a big fan of a primer, not only are they great for keeping my face from eating my foundation, so many of them have all kinds of other benefits including anti-aging, pore reduction, oil control - the list goes on and on. What I am especially appreciating these days are primers that do a little colour correcting - everything from hiding redness to adding a bit of summer glow can be found in the newest and greatest in primers! Read on to see which ones are catching my eye right now:

Dermalogica Age Smart SkinPerfect Primer SPF 30 - 22ml - $64 - offers illuminating  coverage  while smoothing away fine lines, brightening and priming for flawless skin and to prep for make-up application. Velvety silicones create an instantly smooth surface. Neutral tint helps balance tone and enhance luminosity and radiance. Peptides and Age Smart actives help firm and shield against MMP and free radical damage, as sunscreens shield against sun damage. Wear alone over your moisturizer for visible smoothness and luminosity, or after moisturizer application and before foundation to help fill fine lines for a lasting make-up finish. Formulated without artificial fragrances and colors.

So far I've only tried a sample of this but it's been enough to make me appreciate this primer. The problem I usually have with "skin tone" tinted primers is that the tone is too dark and just ends up making fair skin look dirty. No such problem with this one, the tint blends right into my skin. The feel is very smooth and light and I really like that it has a high SPF built right in!

I'm thinking a full sized tube of this could be in my near future!

Go to to purchase online or find a location near you.
Lise Watier 3-in-1 Miracle Primer Bronze - 20ml - $35 - with.a translucent base that instantly matifies and corrects your skin by minimizing the look of pores and fine lines - while a tan coloured base corrects skin tone and illuminates your complexion. Wear them alone or combine them to optimize the matifying, correcting and illuminating effects.

Unlike the other primers mentioned here, this one actually does show visible colour on me so this is my choice for when I want to look less sickly/pale and more like someone who actually goes out during daylight! If you are also fair, just be sure to blend well so it doesn't look fake - it really does add a lovely sunny glow to my skin!

Available in-store and online at
Pixi Flawless Beauty Primer - 30ml - $31 - in No. 1 EvenSkin - a lightly tinted anti-aging primer that is loaded with skin-nurturing vitamins A, C and E to neutralize and smooth uneven skin tone as truffle extract, rich in amino acids and minerals to tone and hydrate - for skin that is plump, smooth with a vibrant, youthful-looking glow.

This is such a great summer product! I am so not a fan of foundation in the summer but there are days (okay let's be honest, morning's after) when my skin looks blotchy and needs evening out - this primer is perfect for that and really does add some needed glow!

Available at

Almay Smart Shade Perfect & Correct Primer - 30ml - $16.95 - a multi-tasking oil and fragrance-free face primer good for any skin tone that intuitively adjusts to smooth and soften skin while correcting skin's most common problems with visible color correcting strands - green ribbons neutralize redness, while swirls of lavender pigments even out and brighten skin tone. Imperfections are diffused, skin is smoothed and softened and appears poreless and skin is up to 265% more hydrated. With a lightweight, non-oily gel formula that works for all skin types but is specifically formulated for sensitive skin. Wear it alone for a flawless finish or underneath foundation for the first step to perfected skin. 

You have to feel this one - it is sooooo smooth! When I wear it I feel no further need for anything else on my face!

- Lisamarie -


  1. So if you could only pick one, which one would you pick?

    1. What?! You want me to pick a favourite?! I thought I was doing well getting it down to three! ;-) They all kind of serve different needs - I really like the Dermalogica but I've only tried a sample so far so as far as the tinted ones I'll have to say the Pixi! The Almay one is a great base under foundation though... see... I can't make a decision!

      Best, Lisamarie

  2. I wonder if any of these have no silicones? Most of them do and my skin does not bode well with silicone :(

    1. Yup, I'm afraid most primers do - check out Korres primers - I am pretty sure that a couple of theirs are silicone free and it is a great brand!


      Best, Lisamarie

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    1. Super! Beauty Crazed is now some kind of skeevy pickup joint! Funny they would drop our name like that, maybe it's supposed to make you more likely to accept... ;-)

      Best, Lisamarie


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