November 12, 2012

shu uemura TSUYA Skin - reactivate your skin's youth power switch!

Most people think wrinkles are what makes you look older so will be surprised to know that it is actually the skin tone that is really what ages you. As you age, skin takes on a more yellow tone and the complexion tends to become uneven, giving off a dull, tired impression. Young skin has a healthy pink tone making it look lively and younger.

If your life (and skin) could use something lively and younger check out:

shu uemura TSUYA Skin - 30ml - $98 - harnesses the latest discoveries in cellular biology to reactivate cell regeneration and reveal a dramatic skincare solution for ideal skin that is porcelain-fine, petal-soft, translucent and glowing - with visible results in 7 days.

I've been using it for a few weeks now and I can really see a difference in the tone of my skin, it does seem much rosier! While I haven't started getting carded or anything, I did have a complete stranger stop me on the subway and ask me what kind of skincare I use because my skin looks so great - which was much better then the time some guy flashed me on the subway!

Available now at Holt Renfrew.

- Lisamarie -


  1. Would love to try this! Did you notice any effects in terms of pores, or trouble spots? Wondering how it would be for combo skin...

    1. I'm combo - it didn't seem to make any difference as far as pores go and it didn't cause me to break out. I haven't had any break outs lately so I can't comment on it helping or hurting in that regard - although no break outs could be a point in it's favour!


      Best, Lisamarie


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