November 6, 2012

Redken Smooth Lock - fights frizz while nourishing your hair!

My hair seems to have an eternal struggle with frizz - in the summer, it's frizz due to humidity and in the winter it gets frizzy from overuse of the blow dryer since I don't want to go out into the cold with wet hair. I can't seem to win this one so I'm always on the hunt for products that will solve my frizz problem!

Enter the Smooth Lock collection from Redken which is perfect for my winter frizz issues because the products actually have a Thermo Active Polymer which forms a humidity-resistant, heat-activated barrier on the surface to retain internal moisture while locking out frizz. They also contain Almond Oil to condion and coat the hair's surface for a silky, smooth finish with added shine as well as IPN which penetrates the cortex to strengthen and reinforce hair for improved manageability.

Smooth Lock Shampoo - 300ml - $14.49 - delivers nourishing shine and helps retain moisture while it eases detangling and improves manageability.
Smooth Lock Conditioner - 250ml - $16.99 - instantly improves manageability as it resurfaces the cuticle with smoothness and lasting shine and nourishes dry hair.
Smooth Lock Butter Silk - 250ml - $21.99 - provides deep moisture and long-lasting smoothness while it replenishes damaged areas of the cuticle and eases detangling and improves manageability and shine.
Smooth Lock Stay Sleek - 250ml - $20.99 - an intense smoothing balm that seals the cuticle for sleek, compacted look while offering weightless frizz control and intensive surface smoothing for up to 3 shampoos
Smooth Lock Heat Glide - 150ml - $23.99 - smooths and tames rebellious, frizz-prone hair; replenishes, nourishes and smooths the cuticle; and provides 92% frizz reduction for 48 hours.

I've been using the whole line for a couple of weeks now and I can really see a difference in how much smoother my hair looks. When I use the Stay Sleek it takes a lot less effort to smooth my hair out for the next couple of shampoos which is a great time saver! My favourite product from the line is the Butter Silk - I've been using it every few days and does my hair ever look shiny and feel soft and silky!

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- Lisamarie -


  1. Great review, I really like how complete it is! I've been a redken fan for a while now, I use their colour extend line and love it!

  2. My hair gets a bit messy/frizzy and tangly sometimes. I'll have to try this line. It isn't too expensive either; I've thought Redken's items were around $30 each for basics. I'm pleasantly mistaken.

  3. It is by far the best line i have ever used!i have naturally curly hair that i straighten daily...not only has Smooth lock made it a million times more manageable but my hair is so much more healthy,even my boyfriend noticed.I've been using it for 3 months now and would never think of not using it!The Stay sleek is my favorite product i have used.


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