August 19, 2013

Needful Things - Philips LED Daylight Bulb for flawless makeup application!

If you think that a perfect makeup application all comes down to having good quality cosmetics and brushes, you'd be wrong, they help but when it comes down to it - what looked great in your bathroom mirror can look like crap once you get out into natural daylight - when it comes to applying makeup, artificial light isn't our friend! Most of us aren't lucky enough to have natural light where we apply our makeup but it's easy enough to get with:

Philips LED Daylight Bulb - $19.99 - insert into any compatible light fixture for instant natural light that will last through 25,000 hours and save on energy!

Natural light makeup is especially important for foundation application - if you've ever tried on a foundation at the store only to get outside and discover that it is entirely the wrong shade, you know exactly what I mean - now I can put on foundation at home and never have to be worry that I didn't apply it evenly or blend it properly - the mirror now shows me exactly what I am going to see everywhere!

Available at selected retailers across Canada including Home Depot, Home Hardware and London Drugs.

- Lisamarie - 

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