August 23, 2013 lets you fake being an American while still keeping your health care!

Ever been shopping on a website, fill your cart with all kinds of retail wonderfulness only to find out when you try to check out that the site will only ship to a US address?

If you don't have a friend in the US who's willing to take delivery and forward the package on to you then you're out of luck...

Or what about those stores (yes, I'm talking to you Pottery Barn) that do ship to Canada but with prices on their US website that are waaaaaay better then the same item on the Canadian one - especially stupid as there is very little difference in the exchange rate right now - wouldn't you rather have the US price?!

If you answered "hell yes!" to all then you need some in your life - basically what it offers you is a US address which allows you to shop on any US website your heart desires and then have the order shipped to you anywhere in the world! The website will only take US payment? Not a problem, will buy it for you (you have to pay them back though, they aren't that nice)!

And because loves Beauty Crazed readers, they are offering free setup and three months of premium membership to help feed your shopping addiction - give it a try at: 

- Lisamarie -


  1. It does sound interesting, and I'm already thinking at the same time it seems strange...have you tried it already?

    1. Strange how? I used something similar back when Pottery Barn wouldn't ship to Canada...

    2. The fake address was strange for me, but I've checked out the site and it's clear now. Gonna give it a try next time. Thanks


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