August 26, 2013

Guest Post - Pink Sith pretends she knows how to apply Avon Nail Art Design Strips!

Hi! It's Elvira from The Pink Sith Blog! I'm back again to be tortured by Lisamarie with nail stickers. There is a special place in hell waiting for Lisamarie, and it's full of nail stickers that will never apply smoothly. I'm sure of it. But because she asked, and I am oh so benevolent, I agreed to do another review for nail stickers for you, her readers. I guess this is kinda how NAFTA works since I'm an American blogger doing business in Canada for a Canadian Blogger. Or maybe not. Anyway. Let's talk about Avon Nail Art Strips.
Avon Nail Art Design Strips - $10/18 strips - in 19 designs: Bedazzled, Bows For You, Catch The Wave, Check You Out, Cheetah Pink, Color Shock, Crystallized Black, Denim Stars, Dozen Roses, Hot Pink Bling, Inner Animal, Mosaic Flowers, Zebra Bling, Starstruck, Racy Lacy, Sweetly Laced, Swirled Blues, True Zebra and Red Hot Lace.

Available from your Avon rep - 1-800-265-AVON or online at

I was sent the strips in the Sweetly Laced design. This is a light pink beige color with an intricate black lace type design over it with small 3-D dots of faux pearls. 
As you can see from the instructions on the back, the nail strips have a simple application and removal - stick on, peel off. Of course, half of the directions were written in French. I was a C student in French, and even with a recent trip to Montreal, I still cannot speak or read it very well. But being an expert at all things nail stickers, I didn't need no stinkin' directions!
OK. Maybe I didn't need directions, but I totally fudged the index finger nail on this application. That one was applied on my cuticle rather than right above it...but the rest of them went on correctly. The Avon Nail Art Strips were surprisingly easy to apply, and they stayed flat very well despite the high arch of my nails. I'm a special snowflake, so many fake nails and nail strips are not arched high enough to fit my delicate princess special snowflake fingers.

I wore these nail strips for 2 days before I went slightly insane and peeled them off. I will say that they peeled off quite easily and didn't tear up my natural nails. There was a slight adhesive residue left behind on some nails, but nothing that a little acetone remover couldn't get rid of.

Before I went mental and peeled off the nail strips the only ones that lifted were the one on my index finger on my left hand because of user error (mentioned above), and the index and middle fingers on my right hand because I use my right hand more and I like to give people the finger.

I was impressed with the Avon Nail Art Strips lasting through my rigorous daily routine of...

Applying lipstick...
using the TV remote...
talking on the phone...
and playing Candy Crush (I'm totally addicted)!

There was some lifting that occurs as I mentioned, but that was mostly due to user error. The design looked nice and stayed looking nice the entire time, and I received compliments on my nails from myself and my 6 year old son.

Oh and just wondering...what sort of item should I send to Lisamarie to review on MY blog? I would like to start torturing her as much as she tortures know, because of NAFTA and stuff.

- Elvira -

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  1. I found them horrible. they lasted less then 1 day on me (that said, I am hard on my hands). I love the look of them though but wish they were longer lasting.


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