August 12, 2013

If I had long hair...and how I would get it with BaBylissPro and Remy Extensions!

BaBylissPro MiraCurl - $288.99 - a professional grade curl machine which creates the most luxurious curls with ease by gently sucking the hair a la vacuum style into a nano titanium chamber which beeps when ready for the most perfect curl. Allows total control over styling time, temperature and curl direction allowing for luxurious flowing waves, soft swirls or defined curls. And rather then taking an hour to curl a full head of hair now it will only take 15-20 minutes for luscious locks.

But honesty this is the kind of thing you need to see for yourself:

Available throughout Canada mid-September at professional beauty dealers and salons across Canada.

This is the kind of thing that makes me wish I had long hair...
which is why I've been contemplating hair extensions and have been getting quite the eduction from Paul's Hair World in the UK - I never realized that there was such a variety of extensions and how easy it would be to buy the wrong ones! From what I gather the best ones to get are:

Remy/Remi Hair Extensions - come from hair that has been collected by a hair donor. The cuticles are not stripped and remain aligned in one direction. Most human hair sold in the hair extensions industry undergoes a cuticle-stripping process called an acid-bath. Then, a silicone is placed over the cuticles to give the hair a faux shine and smooth appearance. This silicone wears off when the hair is washed, therefore, the cuticles are disturbed and return back to their unruly state, causing the hair to mat and tangle easily. Remy couture hair does not mat or tangle because all the cuticles are aligned and intact without the use of silicone.

Brazilian Hair Extensions - come from 100% natural remi hair that has not been coloured and this is why the colours available are very limited and shades do vary between packets. It can be coloured to suit your own hair colour but must be done by a hairdresser.

They're not the cheapest hair extensions of course but this is the kind of thing where you get what you pay for - check it out at:

- Lisamarie -


  1. look amazing...

    i had extension, they r great, but not for summer definetley :)))



  2. My stylist used this on me last month. It was sort of scary at first because she had to re-read the directions for awhile. lol I thought my hair would get ripped or stuck, but it works for ringlet curls.


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