August 8, 2013

Test Driving Garnier Olia Oil Powered Colour

Garnier Olia Oil Powered Colour - $12.49 - improves the home colour experience by offering beautiful colour with no ammonia that improves hair quality while not hurting your scalp thanks to ODS technology - an oil-based formula that uses four flower oils - camellia, sunflower, passion flower and limnanthes alba - to repel "water-loving" MEA (an ammonia derivative) and force it into the water-based hair fiber resulting in more of the colourant penetrating the hair fiber which allows for more efficient at-home haircolouring that respects and protects by maintaining the hair fiber's natural levels of lipids and amino acids.

All these nice flowery oils means it also smells a hell of a lot better - the usual hair colour stink is replaced with a light pleasant fragrance that makes colouring your hair more of a pleasure and less of a chore.

As well, a nourishing polymer preserves the inside and outside of the hair fiber during the colouring process while a second polymer binds to the hair surface to protect and improve hair-quality. The oil coats hair and protects the lipid cover, visibly improving hair quality making it softer and shiner.

Available in 21 shades: 1.0 Black, 2.0 Soft Black, 3.0 Darkest Brown, 3.16 Darkest Violet, 4.0 Dark Brown, 4.15 Dark Soft Mahogany, 4.3 Dark Golden Brown, 4.6 Dark Intense Auburn, 5.0 Medium Brown, 5.3 Medium Golden Brown, 6.0 Light Brown, 6.1 Light Ash Brown, 6.3 Light Golden Brown, 6.35 Light Chestnut Brown, 6.43 Light Natural Auburn, 6.60 Light Intense Auburn, 7.0 Dark Blonde, 8.0 Medium Blonde, 8.31 Medium Golden Blonde, 9.0 Light Blonde and 9.51 Lightest Cool Blonde.
Of course seeing is believing and I was long overdue for some colour so I gave 6.60 Light Intense Auburn a go...
Ta da! As you can see, the colour is super vibrant and shiny, my scalp isn't at all irritated and there really was very little in the way of offensive smell during the process - 30 minutes well spent!

- Lisamarie -

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