November 7, 2016

Valmont DETO2X Cream - a breath of fresh air for the skin!

Valmont DETO2X Cream 45ml - $280 -  a detoxifying oxygenating cream that captures oxygen in the atmosphere and infuses it into the skin.

It's perfect for dull and tired skin suffering from a lack of oxygen - whether it's from living in intensely polluted environments or because of  smoking, it transports oxygen to the heart of the cells, eliminates carbon dioxide particles that suffocate the cells and reactivates cell renewal.

The formula contains: Triple DNA -  maintains and stimulates the skin's essential functions;
O2 Complex - made from a perfluorocarbon derivative and a nasturtium plant extract - provides the cells with O2 and removes excess CO2 in skin suffering from a lack of oxygen. The skin appears healthier and replumped; minute inconsistencies in the skin's texture are smoothed; and
Swiss apple stem cell liposome - stimulates cell renewal by acting on the EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor).

What is the really cool part is the application - every morning after applying a serum, you skim off the foam at the surface of the cream and apply four dabs of cream on the face and lightly work in - even better, use a brush to skim off and apply the cream - and whatever you do, don't heat the cream up in your hands before applying, you'll wreck the whippiness - and the next morning, there is a new layer of foam to apply!

Valmont products are available at spas and beauty destinations across Canada - check out: to find one near you.

- Lisamarie -

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