November 16, 2016

This week I'm obsessed with... Chanel Le Bi-Phase Visage Anti-Pollution Face Makeup Remover

Chanel Le Bi-Phase Visage Anti-Pollution Face Makeup Remover - 150ml - $53 - an exceptionally effective, no-rinse makeup remover with a unique texture that perfectly removes long-wear makeup and pollutants while protecting the skin barrier.

The formula combines two phases: an anti-pollution water phase and a protective emulsion phase. Just shake the bottle well before each use to blend the two phases into a milky solution with an exquisitely mild and delightful texture.

I've become one of those double cleansing people because of my Clarisonic - when I was just cleansing with only the Clarisonic the brush would get all gunked up with makeup - which was hard to wash off the brush and made me feel like my skin wasn't getting as clean as it should! Now that I've added the extra step of taking my makeup off first with this remover, my skin feels super clean, soft and toned - adding that extra glow. I would also highly recommend it if you use long-wear makeup, it breaks it up and removes it much more effectively then regular cleansers or if you have sensitive skin and like to use a cleanser that doesn't have to be washed off - you can remove it with a cotton pad if you prefer!

Available now at Chanel counters across Canada.

- Lisamarie -

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