November 25, 2009

Safety First for Lady Gaga's Deranged Brain

I love Lady Gaga, she's wonderful. I haven't seen such a skilled attention whore since Madonna in the 90's. The Lady is my muse, my everything. I could write a zillion posts about her wacky sense of style, and let me tell you captivating my scattered brain this way is an achievement in itself. However, I fear we have now reached a certain level of desperation.  Yeah, walking around with the biggest shoulder pads ever created, big enough to hide a few bottles of Vodka and enough drugs to party like a Rock Star until 2010, is not just "whimsical" or "creative" anymore, it's a sign of pathology. This is really an outfit you'd expect to find in a mental institution. What? I'm serious. Who needs helmets when your shoulder pads can protect your deranged brain so well? Man, talk about taking a trend too far...

And if you thought those ridiculous shoulder pads were not enough, there is more! It's super low cleavage, for maximum effectiveness. Look at what pop stars have to do to sell their music. Have mercy.

Now, are you going to buy her CD? Please do it. Do it for my muse. Please. Don't make me beg...


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