June 6, 2011

CoverGirl Nature Luxe vs. Maybelline Fit Me! - battle of the foundations - part 1!

Something that almost never happens to me actually happened the other day - I ran out of foundation! I used my bottle of Clarins Extra-Firming Foundation down to the very last drop!  I'm ready for a new foundation and don't you worry, I have lots on hand to try, it's just a matter of finding one that I like as much as I liked the Clarins one!  My plan is to alternate a couple of foundations every week until I find the one that suits me best.  First up:

CoverGirl NautureLuxe Liquid Silk Foundation - SPF 10 - I went with the lightest colour - 305 Alabaster - without trying it which turned out to be a mistake - something astounding happened, it's too light for me - apparently there are people in the world lighter than I am, who knew?! I used it for a few days anyhow just to see if I liked it enough to buy it a shade darker and other than the fact that people kept asking me if I felt okay the feel of this foundation is so light you really can't tell you are wearing foundation at all so if that's one of your pet peeves about wearing foundation, you will want to try this one.  The coverage is light and it has no major smell - I just wish they hadn't bothered with an SPF if they were only going to make it a 10 which is next to useless!


Maybelline Fit Me! Foundation - SPF 18 - I got the lightest colour they offer in Canada - 115 Ivory - I understand there is a 110 in the US but the 115 is actually a perfect colour so I'm glad there isn't a lighter one here or I'm sure I would have got it and found it too light as I again didn't try it first!  It has a light natural coverage, feels light on and only has a mild smell.  I really think it's great that it has a half-decent SPF of 18!  The only thing I don't like is the glass bottle which has no pump and a fairly large opening.  As I use a foundation brush to apply it I end up tipping the bottle over onto the brush and usually end up with too much foundation and make a mess trying to get some of it back into the bottle.  My preference is a pump for glass bottles or a plastic tube so you can squeeze the foundation out.  I always feel like this kind of pumpless glass bottle makes you end up wasting a lot of the product.

This round goes to Maybelline - I like the SPF, the colour and it has a bit more coverage than the CoverGirl so I think even if I had the right shade in the CG, the Maybelline would still be the winner!

Tune in next Monday for another battle, this time between Cover FX Natural FX and GOSH Natural Touch Foundations!

Has anyone else tried the CoverGirl and/or Maybelline foundations and what did you think?

- Lisamarie -


  1. I tried the Covergirl and absolutely hated it. Also bought it in Alabaster....and also way too light. I did think it had a smell. I have not tried the FIT me....worried that the coverage is too light? How did you find it?

  2. I smelled the CG again and can faintly smell the cucumber but that's it!The FIT me does have light coverage so if you are wanting it to cover anything major, you will probably be disappointed - I like a light coverage for summer though so it works for me!

    Best, Lisamarie

  3. I struggle to find pale enough... when i buy stuff in ivory etc so maybe this range would be good for me!!

    Thanks for the lovely review x

  4. I found Fit Me to be a way better product than CG nature luxe! I wasn't happy with the CG coverage at all.

    For drugstore foundations I'm still in love with Rimmel lasting finish 25 Hour and Revlon Colourstay. You cannot beat the coverage/quality for the price!

  5. I tried the Covergirl and actually enjoyed the lightweight feel quite a bit. Sadly, it seems Covergirl thinks pale = pink; the only light warm toned shade is Sandstone, and that is a little too dark for me.

    I've been meaning to try the Gosh Natural Touch foundation, so looking forward to your review.

  6. I actually like Covergirl one better. And Alabaster is also too light for me lol, so I'm using Flax. I wasn't that impressed with Maybelline FIT ME, it was......... not absorbing as well I guess I could say? I saw streaks and streaks and streaks, even if I applied just a little bit.

  7. It seems like lately drugstore foundations are really light. I usually just by default get the lightest ones, but have found lately that isn't true! I bought the bronzed from the light section of Fit and found it had zero pigmentation. As a fellow light skinned girl who doesn't like to feel her foundation.. Great series! My current HG is lancome's Teint Miracle, but I find it's sometimes just a bit too shiny for all over the face.. Might have to supplement something else in!

  8. Whoa the fit me offers more coverage than the covergirl? that explains why I would never use the covergirl, the fit me has little coverage in my opinion.

    However, kudos for covergirl to actually making a light enough shade! I can't tell you how many foundations I've gone through that were too dark and didn't come light enough.

  9. Yay, I haven't tried either and are looking forward to these posts!

  10. Not sure if these are out here in Australia yet, but I really want to try them! Also, how weird is it when brands only release certain foundation colours in different countries :| it's like they think only certain coloured-people exist in Canada

  11. oh lala i'm looking forward to these posts =D Last time I tried Fit Me I was an in between shade... hope this time around there will be one for me =] I agree with the bottle packaging w/ no pump... such a bother, makes a good foundation lose some points!!!


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