March 8, 2012

MAC Sheen Supreme East Asia Chic - Insanely It and Imperial Red swatches!

MAC has introduced fresh new shades of their Sheen Supreme Lipsticks along with a brand new product - Sheen Supreme Lipglass - a clickable gloss with a pen-style applicator.
Sheen Supreme Lipstick - $17.50
Supremely Confident - pale nude - creme
Happy Hibiscus - creamy white-pink - frost
Fashion City - neutral coral pink - creme
Bare Again - pinky neutral beige - creme
Tea Ceremony - neutral beige pink - creme
Sheer Mandarin - mid-tone yellow orange - creme
Korean Candy - bright orange-red - creme
Supreme Style - light coral pink with pearl - frost
Royal Azalea - bright mid-tone pink - creme
Blossom Culture - soft pink with pearl - frost
Zen Rose - bright mid-tone fuchsia - creme
Insanely It - watermelon pink - creme (swatch below)
Asian Flower - creamy lavender - creme
Sheen Supreme Lipglass - $22.50
Jasmine Honey - light cream beige - frost
Fuji Pink - pale peach with low level pearl - frost
Moon Beach - warm light beige with pearl - frost
Cheery Fest - rose with high level pearl - frost
Sweet Bean - cool beige with pearl - frost
Almond Blossom - pale pink with high level pearl - frost
Mango Sheen - bright coral with pearl - frost
Asian Butterfly - lilac with pearl - frost
Imperial Red - bright rose with pearl - frost (swatch below)
Dress Kimono - mid-tone frosted plum - frost
Black Tea - deep brown with pearl - frost
Both products delivered great shine and I love the colour of the lipstick. I was a little disappointed that the gloss colour payoff was a lot less vibrant then it shows in the tube.
Insanely It Sheen Supreme Lipstick - love the shine, love the colour - the only thing I'm not as fond of is the bullet size - being far too lazy to bother with a lip brush, I find a smaller bullet easier for a precise application - this one is larger than average which make it easier to "opps" with.
Imperial Red Sheen Supreme Lipglass - great shine but I was expecting the colour on my lips to look closer to the colour in the tube - as you can see it is significantly lighter. On the plus side, it has great staying power although I did find as the day wore on, the gloss started feeling stickier which I guess would explain why it lasted. I like the click-pen applicator in theory, it's great for easy application but unless you wear it on a regular basis or remember to clean the brush after you use it the gloss on the brush will become gummy by the next time you use it. I am not talking about someone that uses it every week or two, more like crazy people (such as myself) with 2 billion lip products that may not come back to the same one again for months!

Both lines are available on MAC counters now or online at

- Lisamarie -


  1. I was just playing with these lipsticks yesterday -- so soft it almost felt like a gloss, but without the stickiness

  2. hey girl just wanted to let u no everytime i come on ur page my computer freezes? or has to force close its only ur blog. just thought id share

  3. Are you using an older version of Internet Explorer? For some reason IE hates us - browse on Firefox and you'll have no issues!

    Best, Lisamarie

  4. Wow..they give such an amazing color...dying to use em...Great post Lisamarie :)

    The Sweet Life

  5. I have the insanely it lipstick as well, but the color on me is very vibrant. It reminds me of a watermelon jolly rancher, very pink and bright!


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