March 7, 2012

John Frieda Precision Foam Colour for salon quality colour at home!

John Frieda Precision Foam Colour is the latest addition to the foam hair colour market. What makes it different? An innovation seven years in the making - proprietary foam technology that minimizes the uneven coverage and patchiness typical of an at-home colour job and instead offers effortless coverage and flawless colour. Sounds good right?

Available is a 24-shade palette collection with an array of options for blondes, brunettes and redheads, the collection brings a salon shade spectrum home. In combination with Precision Foam Colour’s virtually foolproof foam coverage, the shade range effectively addresses the other common at-home colour complaints: dull, flat, uneven, or unnatural colour. With its stylist-selected shades and patent-pending foam technology the product ensures effortless application and complete coverage for natural-looking, salon-quality results. No mess, no drips, no stains—just gorgeous hair from every angle. The revolutionary colour provides 100% grey coverage and vibrant shine with long-lasting results, offering salon precision at home. 
It's very easy to use: Squeeze the center of the bottle to dispense foam into a gloved hand (and these are good quality gloves, not think plastic crap) and apply directly to hair. Simply massage foam into hair with fingertips to thoroughly cover each strand from root to tip. The foam easily coats even the most hard-to-reach areas, including the back of the head. Let stand for 20 minutes (30 minute for grey coverage) and rinse with lukewarm water until water runs clear. Apply conditioner and leave in for 2-5 minutes before rinsing.

I haven't actually tried the product myself yet because I have just had my colour done but I have seen it demoed and it was very impressive. It mixed up easily, was applied by the models themselves very quickly and mess free - pic above. And to give us an idea of just how their foam compares to the other foams out there, they also mixed up competing brands so we could see just how much foamier their foam is - and it's true, in comparison the other foams were runnier, less dense and had less quantity - whereas the John Frieda foam was very thick and rich and super foamy!
 Here are the models before colour...
 and here they are after. It's a little harder to see the difference on the dark haired model the the results are more obvious and very pretty on the blonde!
Shades available are:
10B extra light beige blonde, 10A extra light ash blonde, 10N extra light natural blonde 9A light ash blonde
9N light natural blonde, 8G medium golden blonde, 8A medium ash blonde 8N medium natural blonde
7GR dark warm golden blonde, 7N dark natural blonde
6R light red brown, 6GR light warm golden brown, 6N light natural brown 5B medium chocolate brown
5A medium ash brown, 5GR medium warm golden brown, 5N medium natural brown 4R dark red brown
4BG dark chocolate brown, 4N dark natural brown
3VR deep cherry brown, 3N deep brown/black
2N luminous natural black, 2A luminous blue black

Available now at grocery stores, drugstores and other mass market retailers across Canada for around $14.99.
For more information on the complete John Frieda Collection check out -

- Lisamarie -


  1. I just tried this stuff in the shade 3VR last week and I'm so happy with the results! Initially I didn't think there would be enough product for my hair but I had more then enough! Plus, the conditioner is fantastic and the gloves are great quality!

    Looove it!

  2. Steph S is right- the conditioner is great! I can't really comment on having enough product or not as my hair is relatively short (between my chin and shoulders) but it seemed like there was plenty left over to accommodate longer tresses. Also noteworthy is that while this still smells somewhat odd (but what permanent colour doesn't?) I don't feel like I need an industrial ventilation unit while using it. That fact alone might be worth the additional few dollars.

  3. I normally use Feria but I love John Frieda products so I'm going to give this a try.


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