March 7, 2012

This week I'm obsessed with... my Armour Bra!

When I first heard about the "Armour Bra" I had something a little more Xena Warrior Princess in mind but it actually turned out to be Under Armour's cutsie name for their new sports bra! Once I got over the disappointment of no metal plating I quickly fell in love with how darned comfortable it is!

Unlike my usual (and now former) sports bra - it actually fits properly! It's not rocket science, UA was just clever enough to realize that sports bras should be like every other bra and sized for band and cup sizes - S,M,L really doesn't cut it when it comes to bras! And to make things really easy and because there is nothing worse than being at a bra display and trying to find the right size, each cup size is colour coded - A - yellow, B - blue, C - red, D - orange, DD - purple - so all you need to do is find your colour, pick the correct band size and you are good to go!

Other things that make me happy about it: the wide shoulder bands that don't dig into my shoulders and leave red marks, it's seam-free so no chafing, it has removable cups so I can choose to have them in or not (and I have yet to have one fall out during a class which let me tell you, is embarrassing!), I don't have to fight or go through acrobatics to get it on and it has hook and eye closures that are easy to do up!

I understand there are all kinds of athletic benefits to it too which you can check out if you are so inclined at the website. Not being a sporty girl, I won't even pretend to understand them, you'll have to tell me if that kind of thing is impressive to you athletic types.

I have heard people say that they wear a sports bra all the time, even under regular clothing and I never could understand why because I have always found them so uncomfortable - they either squash the girls and give you a shelf boob or don't offer any support at all - with this Armour bra though, I can now see the appeal!

For everything else you ever wanted to know about the new bra or to order check out - they're selling for $69.99 a pop -

- Lisamarie -

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  1. ive gotta look into this i wanna start running and need good support for my twins lol


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