January 20, 2014

NeoStrata Youth Factor GF Total Regenerating Serum

Repairing and regenerating is something your skin naturally does less of as it ages which means you need something that will help stimulate the cell renewal process and perk your skin up such as:

NeoStrata Youth Factor GF Total Regenerating Serum - 30ml - $78 - revitalizes mature, fragile skin, improves hydration and addresses multiple signs of aging with a highly concentrated formula full of all kinds of potent ingredients including:

Epidermal Growth Factor technology - stimulates the skin cell renewal process and the synthesis of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid - it works on two levels: the peptides mimic the epidermal growth factors that have already diminished, sending the missing messages to cells to continue their work; secondly, crocus bulb extract stimulates natural growth factors in the body that are still existent in order to keep them working efficiently;

along with a blend of anti-aging peptides: Vit-a-Like and Matrixyl 3000 - work to counteract existing wrinkles and even skin tone; Prohyal - increases hydration by acting on hyaluronic acid synthesis; along with Gatuline and Vederine - restructuring agents that enable mature skin to repair and regenerate.

You can look forward to skin that is radiant and younger looking in just 2 months.

Available now at major drugstores across Canada.

- Lisamarie -

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